Hi Kitties,

I have had "not much" going on recently. I am awaiting January because there will be two nursing home visits and a library visit.
So far I have just been relaxing. Can you see me relaxing? My mommie says I am very good at it.
One thing exciting happened, we got some more fishes in our aquarium. We got 7 more fishes from Santa Paws, they are Mickey Mouse platys and we have named them the "so long and thanks for all the fish" fish. They are looking very very nice in their aquarium. (And a little bit tasty, but I am not supposed to say that because they are Not For Eating!) We also got a little bit of hannukah gelt. I think I will use it to buy catnip!
Love and happy holidays,

Look Alvin, it's snowwwing!!!

Hello my darling kitties,

I hope you are as excited as I am for Santa-Paws next week! I hope I get some catnip. Yesterday afternoon I went on the last of my holiday visits. I visited one of my favorite nursing homes. I got a lot of pettings, and then I got out and explored. After a while I got bored and lay down on my back on a chair and showed everyone my fluffy tummy. It was a pretty good day overall. After that we drove home and it started to snowww! I was very fascinated by the snow, but I did not like it when I got some on me when we had to go from the car to the home. It was kind of wet. I forgot to take a photo of myself, but later on I put on one of my favorite t-shirts and took a nice long nap on the couch while my mommie baked some holiday cookies. So here is a photo of me doing that. You can't see but my shirt says "naughty or nice." Of course, I am very nice and I am never never naughty!! I get a lot of photos taken of me just around the house - I think it is because I am so cute!

Love and holiday whiskers,


Holiday Reading

Hi Kitties,

I had a great time this afternoon at the library so I wanted to post about it right away! My mommie was busy and said that she has to work on her grant proposal for one half of a million dollars but I think this is much more important, so she took a break on writing and is helping me with my bloggy.

When we were driving to the library, we had some traffic with the basketball game so we were a little bit late. I do not understand basketball, I do not think it is very fun because there are no mouse toys to play with in basketball.

When we got to the library, all the spots on the first floor were taken, so we parked in the "Library Employees Only" spot! I think I am a little bit like a library employee because being a Therapy Cat is my job and I was doing my job at the library. The librarian who is named L. said that it is okay for us to park there. Whew!

A lot of children were waiting to see me when I got to the library! I got to hear a story right away. First I heard a nice story about a Baby's Christmas. I really liked it because I am a baby (kitty), and I like Christmas! Then, I heard a story about Strawberry Shortcake. That story had a pink kitty in it. Then, I heard a story about a pig and his pancake. I thought that story was very silly and funny! Then, I heard a story about Mittens who is a cat. In that story, Mittens the cat finds a good hiding spot. I liked it so I jumped out of my stroller and hid under it. Then, I heard about some scary dragons. That story was a little bit scary so I stayed in my hiding spot. The boy who read to me about the dragons told me that he celebrates Hannukah, which is great because I am also a part Jewish kitty. I told him Happy Hannukah. I also told Happy Christmas to some of the other children, and I handed out my cards with my happy holidays picture on them. On the back I also wrote my blog address so that the children would come to visit me. (I hope they do!)

After the reading, my friend C. came over and petted me some more. She also held me. She said I am a very nice cat. She is also a very nice girl, I liked getting petted.

Then we went home. Right now I can barely keep my eyes open because I have had such a long day! I am going to get nice and cuddly on my blanket, make some purrs, and take a nap.



Dear Mommie, I'm Sorry.

Hi Kitties,

This morning I visited an Assisted Living center, for the first time. I have been making a lot of visits for this holiday season. I met a lot of nice people. One lady told me that she cannot pet me because then she will love me too much. But she told me that she already loves me a lot and that I am very beautiful and wonderful. I really liked her. Another lady petted me a lot and told me that her cat is also very soft like me. Then I met a nice man who told me all about how he used to live in Chicago during the Great Depression and babysit two babies for a Doctor. I really like to find out stories like that. He said the babies had a stroller that looked a lot like my stroller.

However, then I did a Bad Thing. When the lady petted me who has a cat at home, I smelled that cat and made a Big Hiss and scritched my Mommie's arm. I am very sorry about that. I usually am a very good kitty, but that is not good kitty behavior. Then we had to go because I was getting nervous.



I got in the newspapers!

Hi Kitties,

I got a little bit more famous today for spreading all my therapy purrs. I was in the newspapers! Just in the event calendar for our is some of what it said:

Event Calendar

Therapy dogs will be joined by Figaro the cat. Children may bring a book from home or choose one from the library when they arrive.

Lookit, my NAME is right theres! I hope a lot of children will come see me tomorrow! I am excited for tomorrow!

I will post an update as soon as I get back!



Start of the Holiday Season!

Hi kitties,

How eggsiting! It is the start of the holiday season for me! Today I made my first visit of the holiday season to one of my Nursing Homes. I really enjoyed it. I see a lot of the same ladies every time and they really like to pet me. Today H. was there who has very bad vision so I had to be picked up and put close to her for her to pet me. She thinked I am very cuddly! I also got asked if I have any brothers and sisters who can stay in the Nursing Home forEVER. I said no of course that is not possible because it is difficult to care of me, since my litter box must be cleaned and I get into many shennanigans. :) I went around and around in my kitty stroller and showed some tricks. I got also a new trick, Mommie says "Raise your paw if you are a puppy!" and I raise my paw. It is a funny trick because I am NOT a puppy!!! :) I also gave out this holiday card to everyone. Do you see my red christmas shirt in the card? Mommie helped me make this card online. I am very happy here on my cat condo tree. Saturday I have 2 holiday visits, and another visit next week.


Getting ready for the Howl-idays

Hi Kitties,

This past few weeks I did not have any work because it all starts NEXT WEEK! I have 3 Nursing Home visits and one library visit next week. I am getting excited because I will be giving out my special Holiday Cards to everyone who will visit me. My mom helped make them using Photoshop and Snapfish. I will also be visiting for the FIRST time at one of these nursing homes, and I have even got 2 visits in one day! A morning nursing home visit and an afternoon library visit. I hope I have enough cards for everyone, I think I will because I printed out 50. I hope everyone I visit will have a good holidays, and I think my visits will make them happy. I will be giving out a lot of purrs and cuddles this holiday season!

Just to get everyone in the spirit of the holidays, here is me last year on my Very First Holidays with my Christmas/Hannukah present (it was a kitty movie and some catnip). I was just 1/2 a year old. I think I look very small compared to now. I was not a Therapy Cat then yet because I was too little. But I was already practicing, going to meet new people every week and learning high-fives.

This year I was a very good kitty so I hope I will get the present from Santa I am really wishing for, which is some spray-catnip. I think that kind will be very nice since I can just spray it on stuff and then rub on it! Right now my sister Veronica and I share one Christmas stocking but I think Santa will understand and put some catnip for me in that stocking. I am also wishing that I will get to hear a lot of good Christmas and Hannukah stories from the children at the library. I think there are a lot of good books that are about the holidays. I am a kitty so I don't go to any church, but I definitely like to play by our holiday tree and get catnip from Santa!

I also may be going to an assisted living community soon. They have monthly health check-ups, and the nurses think it might be a nice idea if I come for the check-up too so after their check-up they can be cheered up by some nice Purrs from me.



A Thanksgiving Nursing Home Visit

Hi kitties,

This morning I visited the Nursing Home. I am very happy to visit and share Thanksgiving thankses and happies. I had a good time. However the Nursing Home forgotted that I would be visiting, so nobody was sitting out in the lobby (AGAIN!) so we just only visited the people who normally come to visit in the lobby, but we wented to everyone's room. I also gave out some Thanksgiving presents. I gave out photos of myself that my Uncle S. took that look very, very good. I am looking very nice in it, and there are some flowers. Everyone was very happy to get a photo like that because they think I am very beuuuutiful. They are also going to put up my photo on a special bulletin board next to my name, so everyone can see who I am when I come to visitate.

Love and kisses,

Hi kitties,

This afternoon I visitated the Nursing Home. I had a great time, and met a lot of people. Some of them I already seen before because they don't miss my visit any time. Some others were new. I also met a very nice lady who was in the newspapers in our town today! She was in the newspapers for turning 106 years of old! That is 106 times how many old I am, wow. She really liked me and petted me a lot. Here is a photo of her from the newspaper. She was sitting in that exact chair when I meeted her. I definitely like to visit the Nursing Home, especially because I meet so many new people who give me pettings.


Library Trip

Hi Kitties,
Today I went on an Important Library trip. This is at my library and a lot of childrens come to Read Fur Fun. I really liked it this time. The last month I went, the childrens saw the doggies first and THEN me, so I was smelling all those doggies and did not let myself get petted. Today though was very good because I was the First in the line to get Pettified. There were a lot of children who read me a book. I learned about many things, such as Bernstein Bears and Octapus and Dogs and Squirrelz. It was very useful for me. I also sat in my stroller but some of the time I sat on the same chair as the children and rubbed on them. I also purred a lot and showed off my high fives! My Uncle S. came also and took alot of good photos of me. I cannot wait to go back in December!
High Fives,

Halloweening at the Nursing Home

Hi Kitties,

This week I have been to TWO nursing homes for trick or treating!!! I did my normal visits, and then I tooked off my registration badge and put on my costume and gotted many treats. Lookit me in my costume! All the residents really loved me. I was a very very cute bumble bee.



Kitty Adventures - Safety First

On Saturday I visitated the library. Since it is the first time at the library, I had to learn to be very good and talk in my inside voice. I am pretty good at that. For the library reading program, the children read me a lot of books. A lot of children wanted to read me about Pokemon. I did not know there were so many interesting Pokemons. I also heared a story about a fish. I was very very shy and I did not like to get petted at the library because a lot of the children just petted the dogs who come to the reading program before me, so I could smell a lot of dogs!

Then when we were getting in the car, Mommie was holding me while folding the stroller with one hand and I was wiggly a lot because I heared loud car noises in the garage. Then mommie hitted her HEAD on the car. She was not happy, now there is a big bump. But on the other paw, I am perfectly fine.

This is why yesterday Mommie went to the store and got me a Safety Car Seat. Only, we are going to have to modify it to buckle on the seat belt because car safety is a #1 priority now that I am going on a visit almost every week. Actually I am very pleased with it. I sat in it yesterday and it is very nice. Right now it is in the house so we can get used to it. Mommie finded it for $11 only at Wal of Mart!! This is a GREAT price because it donates 3% to ASPCA and should be the BEST car seat ever, and retails on the ASPCA site for $49.99!!! My only concern is that it is pink and I prefer green like in the photo. Pink was the only one availables for the low, low price. I am a very manly mancat though so I can handle it. It also says "unconditional love" on it. it is very, very breathable.

Urgent Businesses

Hello kitties,

I can tell that I am very, very important because this morning I got an email asking if TOMORROW I can come help read to the kids at the library. I am very excited about this. There were more kids who signed up then they expected so they really needs my help. Good thing my stroller is still loaded up in the car from my yesterday's nursing home trip, I will be all ready to go!

Besides that I got invited to a DOGTOBER fest at the end of this month. I will be wearing a green bandanna and representing all the therapy dogs. Even though I am a cat! This will be very interesting. We are going to have a booth to tell people about our therapy club. I wonder why the bandanna is green? But the dogs representing the training school are going to wear yellow bandannas. I do not have a green bandanna yet and we aren't sure where I will get it, but I am sure it will look good with my furs.



Visiting my Nursing Home

Hello kitties,

This morning I came back to visit my nursing home. I really like it there. One thing I really like is THEY HAVE BIRDS right in the room that I visitate. Today I spent about 30 minutes visiting, 20 minutes sitting and watching the birds, and another 10 minutes visiting with a resident in her room, and then at the end Mommie signed me up to go visit again the day before Halloween and also next month in November. For the day before Halloween I am going to wear my Pooh sweater, which is 1/3 done right now. I think I will look very nice. Mommie is making it during while she watches this show on Sunday that she doesn't really like but that her friendses like. I do not watch this show because she leaves to go watch it somewhere. I prefer birdies.

A lot of the residents petted me. They said I am very sweet, a lot of them remembered me from last month. Also, they asked if I will be dressing up for Halloween. I am probably going to dress up, especially because everyone asked if I will. They also wanted to knowed if I will dress up for Christmas-time, but I do not have a costume yet. Since I am a part-Jewish kitty I was thinking about dressing up for Hannukah too!



Lots of Expectations

Hello Kitties,

Today I got a phone called from our friend and we are scheduled for a visit to a Third Nursing home on November 8 at 10:30 a of m's. I have lots of expectations that I will like it there, since I love my other 2 nursing homes. (Speaking of that my next Nursing Homes visit got moved to next Thursday instead of this Thursday because they had some conflicts).

Also, some other doggies wants to visit my Grief Group so my mommie is going to Coordinate everyone to visit and I will not get to go EVERY Monday, but of course I will still get to go lots of the times. I really like all my friends there, especially my friend who gave me the new middle name.

By the way, I am attachifying another picture of my Wondrous Toe Tufts. They have finally growed back after Daddy decided to trim them a few months ago (Mommie was Not Happy).

Also, some Relatives are visitating us this week and my Uncle R asked me if I am wearing a collar that is Burberry. Unfortunately since my job is only volunteering I do not have $100 to spend on a collar so it is Fake. But is looks lots like it, can you see in this picture?

Love and burberrys,


I did not win the contest :(

Hi kitties,

I am a little bit sad right now. I am happy so many nice kitties voted for me - but I did NOT win the Petsmart contest. Instead, Desmond won it. She was the kitten. If I thinked it was just about cuteness, I would have put a photo of ME as a kitten. Because I was one cute kitten.

I am happy for Desmond for winning the award, but I thinked I changed the world more than her. Here is Desmond's story:

"Zaina had just moved into her new home when she found a darling, stray kitten. She took to the kitten immediately and named her Desmond. Desmond's love has made Zaina realize the great importance of spaying and neutering pets thus reducing the number of feral cats and stray dogs on the streets. Desmond now enjoys a warm and loving permanent home in Arlington, Texas where her pet parent says "I think I was quite lucky to find and fall in love with her in the first place."

She changed the world by getting spayed? That is a little bit silly.
Well, I will keep my tail up. I am still a very good therapy kitty - although I will not get to be featured on Petsmart merchandise.

Some Funny News

Hello Kitties,

If I may say so myselfs, I am very very photogenic (do you see my toe-tufts?? They are shining in the sun). Here is the photos from my recent photo-shoot at Walgreens.

Now for the funny news. Mommie attended the meeting of our Therapy Club yesterday night and we are having Board elections for Next Year. We have only beened a part of that Club for since May, but Mommie got Nominated to be a Program Coordinator. The elections are going to be Next Month. For that job, she

has to e-mail lots of people about Therapy Animals and plan events and Coordinate people. She is not sure how hard it will be yet but I said Veronica and me can help her if she needs. I am very eggsited to have such an Important Mommie. (Although...she says nobody else wanted that she will get all the votes next Month)

Also, as the Program Coordinator Mommie is going to plan a reading program at the library that I can stroller to from our house. This will be nice since I am not so fond of the car!



Visiting Walgreens Photo Shoot

Hi Kitties,

Yesterday I visited Walgreens for the Pet Photo Shoot Day. Proceeds goes to Delta Society and Best Friends Animal Society.

I cannot say I enjoyed it much. On the web-site, the Walgreens they said was not having it, so we went to that walgreens , then another get the picture!

When we got there they had outdoors set up some hay and pumpkins. Mommie thought I would be brave enough to be in the picture all by myself but I was not. So the picture was with me on Mommie's lap. I will get it back today so I can post it tomorrow on the internets.

Love, Figaro

Mancat Monday - My New Middle Name

Hello kitties,

This evening I visited the grief group. It is for young widows but children come to the other room and I visited the children. I was there for 1 hour. A lot of kids wanted to push me around in the stroller so we went around and around the room. Then I did some high-fives and got a lot - and I mean LOT - of treats. This was very good. I made quite a few friends, my new friends.

For the big news today - my new friend S. wanted to know if I had a middle name. Mommie said that I did not so she asked me what is my favorite color. I did not tell Mommie but I told my new friend that it is blue. So she said that my middle name can be Blueberry. I think I like that middle name very much - Figaro Blueberry. By the way that is my friend S. pushing me in my stroller!

Take care kitties,


Sleep-Away Camp

Hello kitties,
First, do NOT forget to vote for me (I am cat #4 because monday is the last day!)

Today was a very very event-full day for me because I gotted to go to the Sleep-Away camp! It was about 40 minutes of a drive from our house. I do not like the drive much so both my parents came with me and mommie held me on her lap the whole way there. I meowed a lot.

At the camp, I went in my stroller with the tops down and the children petted me. I wore my green camp hoodie but I took it off when it got warm out. Mommie wore a green sweater to match! There were children of all ages at the camp. I got to be petted by small children and also older children.

There was also another therapy pet there, a doggie named Duncan who is from our Therapy Group. And also, another therapy doggie named Abby who is a long-haired chihuaua from a town nearby. Abby was giving out trading cards to the children with her photo on them! I really want to get some of those for myself, so we talked to Uncle S. and he said we can do that if he gets a great camera to borrow. Also, Abby has a brother who is a Therapy Cat just like me! Abby's mom said that in Delta there are less than 200 therapy cats registered in the entire US. I think more of you kitties should become therapy cats.
I met a lot of different children who all told me some things about themselves, like what is their favorite animal and whether they like cats. Everyone liked cats, of course!
Then we went inside of the lodge and I explored in there, that was where the children were having "Journaling" class. There was a Giant Bear sitting there but it was Not Real.
The rest of the time, I was outside visiting with everyone. The children were going on a climbing wall and I thought this looked very cool. I stayed for 2 whole hours. I got a LOT of treats because mommie lets EVERY boy or girl who pets me give me a treat! I did not do any tricks though because there were lots of distractions being in the out-of-doors.

Then I got invited to a special group for young widows which meets every other Monday. They bring their children, and I will be visiting with the children during the therapy class. I think I could probably teach a therapy class (remember I have got a Harvard T-Shirt!) but for now I will just be playing with the children and letting them pet me. The next time is already this Monday! So I will be going. Mommie says first though that I need a B-A-T-H. Yuck!
I had a great time at the camp! I am definitely coming next year and Mommie says then we can maybe sleep-away because I will be a lot more older and mature.


Trip Report - Visiting the Nursing Home

Hello kitties,

Yesterday afternoon I visitated my nursing home. I really like to visit the nursing home because everyone is very happy to see me there. Yesterday we spent an entire hour at the nursing home. First, we were in the main lobby and we saw some of the people. One lady kneew I was coming and even saved me some ham from her lunch!!! Woah. I was very flatterated. But I did not want to eat it because it was not the kind of temptashions I like to eat when I go to the nursing home.

I let everyone pet me. And also, I gave some people a high five. They really enjoyed that a lot.

Then, we went from room to room and saw some of the people who did not have energies to come out and see me. A lot of people were very very happy that I was there.

I rode in my stroller. In fact, I just laid down in there and mommie opened up the tops and front, and I watched all around when I got strollered down the hallways. I hung my paws off the front part to get some more relaxation even.

I do not have any photos because of confi-dentiality but I post a photo of my cousin Missy, who definitely DEFINITELY would never like to be a therapy cat. She is very shy. And kind of mean.

Tomorrow I head to the Sleep Away Camp! Stay tuned for my mancat Monday post all about it...



Yesterday was a Mancat Monday

Hi kitties,
Yesterday for Mancat Monday I did a lot of things. In specifical, I was busy from about 5pm until all the way to 8:30 pm!!! I was practicing and visitating the entire time. First, mommie took me to grandparent's house where we had some dinner. I already ate at home though so I just explored around. We also took the kitty stroller, so then we went for a walk all around grandparents' neighborhood with mombean and grandma. Grandpa did not come with us because he was 'mbarrassed by our strollering!! Anyways, my granmda knows all the human children in the neighborhood so she introduced me to all of them! They all liked petting me. After that we got back home and chilled for a while. Then our Uncle S. called and we came over to his house because it is just across the street and hanged out there, because my dadbean was over there working on a computer. After that, we came home and I finally got to relax. I was really yaaawning a lot by the end of the night!
PS Don't forget to VOTE for me, I am #4 at the PetSmart Contest!
PPS Don't forget to check back in on Friday, Thursday afternoon we are visiting a Nursing Home!


OH MY GAWSH!! I am a Walnut.

Hello Kitties!!! Something very eggsiting happened.

I got selected as a finalist for the PetSmart 2008 Just a Buck Photo Contest. There is only 10 kitties in the finalist category, and the one with the most votes by September 22 is going to be the next Just a Buck Star. The contest is based on the inspirational story about how I change people's lives and on my photo (yes I am VERY CUTE).


I have been a Sneak lately. Because of how smart I am, I learned how to open the back screen door and go outside for little walks in the woods behind our house. I did that last weekend and then I gotted chased by both of the parents all around the woods! Finally when they catched me they bringed me in and I had to have a bath to get rid of poison ivy and burrs. Poison ivy is not bad for kitties but if we touches humans then we can pass it on.

This weekend I also was a Sneak - I Sneaked out while daddy was mowing the lawn. But then I got caught right when I was doing a Big Sneak across the back porch and I had to go back inside. Now I am in trouble if the parents see me trying to open the door, because it is Unsafe to go outside for such sweet Therapy Cats like me in the town. Also I am learning how to open the cabinets - but I only do that if I think parents are not looking - since I am not allowed on the countertop!

My Second Nursing Home

This morning Mommie and I went to the Second Nursing home. But it was the first time that we were there. I really enjoyed it, and we scheduled me to go from now on in the first Thursday of every months in the evenings. I am excited about that.

We stayed for about 40 minutes. Here is what we did. First, we came and seen all the residents. This time not as many people came as to the First Nursing Home visit, but I see that they also did not announce me over any intercoms so this is probably why. But there were still a lot of people who came. First we went around the room and everyone petted me. Then we went around the room and anyone who wanted to gave me a Treat. I am sometimes a little bit eager about my Treats and I like to Nibble on mommie was worried about that and made sure she held my mouth so I didn't participate in any Nibbling. However, I gave one of the residents a Very Small Nibble. I am not allowed to do that. She did not mind, but Mommie said I needs to work on this and she was Quite Worried.

Also, there were some birdies in the room I was in. So I kept looking over because I wanted to put the Bitey on them. They were in a cage. All the residents thinked it was funny I kept eyeing the Birdies like I would put some Bitey.

Then, of course I did some of my tricks. I did High Five and Sit Up and everyone liked it. At home I am also practicing Twirl and Pick Up, and I also did 1 very silly Twirl. It was not a very good Twirl...mommie said I need more Practice. But the residents liked it anyways. They even did some Clapping!

After that, I went to visit one of the residents in her room because she could not come out to see me. I sitted on her lap and she petted me. I think she liked me a lot. Then I made a little Hiss becuase I don't really like to go out of my stroller when I go on visits, so mommie put me away.

And that was the end of my visit. I telled everyone I will be back in 1 Month.

This is Me in my Free Times

Hello kitties,

Here is a photo of me in my free times napping with Veronica. We like to nap on these nice chair cushions that mommie boughted from IKEA (for only $4.99 eaches!)

I have a lot of very big therapy cat news. First of all, my camp is coming up the weekend of the 19th of September. I do not have a time set up yet but I will definitely be going. Second of all, the day after tomorrow I will be visiting a NEW nursing home where I have not been before, and a few weeks from now I will be going back to my First nursing home.
Now for some bigger meows. I have been invited to the special "READ FUR FUN" program at the library. This program is special because many small children come and practice reading to puppies. As usual I will be the very very first kitty who will participate in this program. It is not in a long time though - there are two dates scheduled and I will definitely be there - November 15th and December 13th. I will be riding in my kitty stroller.

Things are looking way way up for my therapy visitings!



My First Sleep-Away Camp

I am officially invited to the sleep-away camp! It is for an ENTIRE weekend. The coordinators said that mommie and I may have our own bunk bed for the weekend, reserved. However, Mommie said that we will only come for the day and we cannot sleep-away because I am still too small to be away from home at night, and the camp is only 30 minutes away from our house. I feel that this is kind of silly because I am a MANCAT.

In any case, I am very excited about this important job. It all got arranged today. This is a special camp for childrens who lost their loved humans. So I will be very important to comfort them with all my soft furs that they can pet.

The camp is going to be in September. I am very, very excited. We maked sure it does not interfere with my Nursing Home jobs which are also very important, but those are during the day. I think I will wear my special green hoodie. I think it is a good Camping hoodie. And of course I will be going in my Kitty Stroller.

Grief Counselor Therapy Cat

Hello Kitties,

My volunteering career is really taking off. I think pretty soon I will have a Job at least every week. I am very happy about this.

I am scheduled for two more Nursing Homes visits in September, in different Nursing Homes. My First Visit went very great, so I cannot wait for more visits.

And just today I have been invited to attend a special camp and be a Grief Counselor for childrens who has lost a loved human. I am very sad for these childrens and I think I will be able to provide some comfort for them since they can pet me and hug me and I will Purr. This special camp is in the middle of September.

I will also probably get to participate in the Grief Center that opens in our town very soon, and this will be for adult humans.

- Figaro

My First Therapy Cat Visit

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was my very, very first therapy cat visit. We went to the Nursing Home. It was very exciting and I will tell all the details. To get ready for the visit, I had to get a grooming. My mommie inspected my nails and cut them short and then I got FURMINATED. Look how many hairs came off of me onto the special furmination rug. Then it had to be vacuumed.
Then I had to put on my harness. It is a special harness for kitties. I usually wear it when I go out on my leash for walks, but today it was extra special because we had to put on the Delta Society ID tag on it. My sister Veronica sniffed me all over to make sure I am clean and gave me some lickings. Then we were finally ready to go.
First, we arrived at the Nursing Home. It was about 1o minutes drive from our house. I do not like drives but this one was okay because I was so happy to be going to get petted by so many nice people. We taked our stroller with us because it is my special visiting taxi.

When we got out of the car mommie got the stroller all ready and put me in it. Then we strollered over from the parking lot to the building. I have some pictures here of me outside in my stroller. Unfortunately we could not take any pictures of the people I visited because that is confi-dential. So you just have to see me in my stroller on the outside of the Nursing Home. You can see my ear felt itchy yesterday so I had it tucked back funny. I looked almost like my friend Mimmy who is a scottish fold on one side!

In order to be a therapy cat, you have to bring a photocopy of your most current vaccination records from the V-E-T, so we gave that to the receptionist. Then we sat down to wait because we were a little bit early in case we didn't find where it was.

Then on the intercom they announced "Figaro is going to be in the lobby in 15 minutes." I got very excited because they said my name over a LOUDSPEAKER. They said it again three more times and then finally they said "Figaro is in the lobby and you can visit with him for 30 minutes."

Then we went to the lobby and mommie opened up the tops of my stroller and picked me up. The residents all made a circle in the lobby and they were sitting in chairs and wheelchairs. I think there were 15-20 residents who were all very happy to see me. I like to be the center of attentions! Mommie held me up in the middle of the circle and told everyone that I am Figaro and that I am a special therapy cat who is one years of old. They wanted to know if I am a special breed and in fact I am from the shelter and I am an american domestic medium-long hair cat. That just means I am not any special breed but I like that because I am very cute no matter what. Then they asked if I am available for adoptions and Mommie said definitely NOT! Then she explained that I live with her in our house with my sister Veronica. A lot of people wanted to know if I liked being petted and Mommie said that I love it. She explained that I go in my stroller and if I am not being petted I meow. Then when she put the top up and nobody petted me for a minute of course I started meowing. The residents thinked this is funny, because I stopped meowing once my next visitor petted me!
Some people told me about the cats they had with them when they were little, which was good to hear about. And also they told me I am very soft and nice. Some people thought I was a girl and not a MANCAT but we explained I am a boy that is why my stroller is BLUE and my harness.

Then we strollered around with my open stroller to everyone in turns and everyone gotted to pet me one at a time. I liked being petted but I did not purr yet I think because I was a little nervous to be in a new spot. THEN after that we went in the center again with the stroller opened and I showed off my tricks! Mommie had me do "High Five" and "Sit Up". When I do "Sit Up" I look a little bit like a squirrel because of my furry tail. The residents all went "wooo". I was very good. Mommie was surprised thatI was willing to do my tricks since it was in a new place, but I felt very safe in my stroller. I am glad that I got it because at the beginning of the visit I got put on some laps and I did not like that so much since I made a very small Hiss. Then I went back to my stroller so from now on Mommie said I can just visit from my stroller.
After that, you can see we went back to the car and mommie put me down while she folded up the stroller. Here I am checking out what is under the car. Then AFTER that I got to go to great-grandma's house. Here is me relaxing at her place. She feeds me a LOT of goodies. Mommie left to make a grocery store errand and while she was gone great-grandma fed me lots of cheese and also milk. It was very delicious although Mommie told great-grandma probably not to feed me that stuff next time.

Dear Kitties,

I am doing extremely well on my Training to be a great Therapy Cat, especially now that we have got a Kitty Stroller. Everyday mommie takes us for a Stroll around the Neighborhood. Down the street we have got a LOT of baby humans. There are baby humans who are aged 1, and tiny humans who are aged 3, and 4, and 5. There is at least SIX in total of those small humans. Anyway, the first time we went, Mommie stopped and taked me out and let me get petted by all those little hands. I really enjoyed it because that is a lot of attention for one small kitten! Now, anytime we go around the block, all those small humans wave at us from far away and get very excited. They do things like jump up and down and yelll "Hellooo!". I am very purry about this. It is like getting a birthday present EVERY DAY, that is how happy I am. Then Mommie stops, takes me out, and lets all those little humans pet me. I definitely purr a lot. This is a very very good practice for my Therapy Cat jobs.

My First MANCAT-Monday

Hello all!

Today is my first Mancat monday, since my birthday was last week. It is also my mommie's birthday.

And guess WHAT? Our kitty stroller came in the mails over the weekend!!! The parents took me for a ride in it yesterday evening and it was very very fun. We went around some blocks and by the pond near our house. I liked to sit in it and watch everything. We took some pictures but they are not on the 'puter yet.

And guess what ELSE? We got contacted by our friend at the Pet Therapy Club and she said we can arrangify a visit for me on Thursdays for the Nursing Home! This is very exciting. It will not be to visit patient rooms because I am a kitty and so the rules are I have to visit in the Lobby. That is okay. Mommie called the Nursing Home Right Away to arrange a time but we had to leave a message. Soon I will be going. This is a great news for my first MANCAT monday.


- Figaro

Maybe something will turn up?

The Therapist from the Hospital emailed my mommie today and said that she is working on changing their laws to allow a therapy cat. She said as soon as it is done she will schedule us for a visit! It is very good news after I was not allowed to go to the nursing home. Ah, it is so difficult! I hope I will get to go at least pretty soon! I am keeping my tail up about this!

Much better mood,


Even more set-backs

Well, another setback today. I will not be going to the nursing home a week from today because this Nursing Home also does not accept kitties and only dogs. I do not understand this but it is making me sad, especially to receive these newses on my birfday. We are now hoping some other nursing home will take me or else the Veterans Home.

I am keeping all of my toesies crossed!


Some extra Training

Hello Kitties,

Today I did some extra Training for my therapy cat volunteering. We went with mommie and dadbean with me on daddy's shoulder around a few blocks in our neighborhood. Then we met 3 nice little girls and they all were like, "ooooh a kitty" (that is ME!). So Mommie tolded them they could pet me and they petted me for a while and said I was soft. I was super polite. Then we went home.

I am hoping I will get to do my therapy works soon, but we didn't hear back yet about end of july.


We got a call back from our friend who is in the pet therapy club with us, and we might be going to the Nursing Home on July 30th. I am keeping my hopes way, way up and crossing my paws that we will be allowed to go. The club thinks we can probably go but they had to contacts the Nursing Home to find if they have special rules about cats. It will be a special treat for my BIRTHDAY (coming up on July 22nd!!!) that I will gets to go!


Some hopings

Mommie contacted the nice lady again who we shadowed with her doggie Cordial, and she said that we could prolly go to the Nursing Home on July 25 or 31. So I am keeping my toesies crossed that I will get to do it!!!

Also today I did some tooth brushings because Mommie said i had the bad of breaths. Now I have squeaky clean teeths for my visitations.

Here is my practicing the Yogas for relaxation.

- A little brighter, Fig.

Some Therapy Cat Set-Backs

Well, it turned out that the Hospital does not have a policy that Therapy CATS can visit, only Therapy DOGS. The lady at the hospital said she can look to see if she can change the policy to Therapy ANIMALS but we do not know when that will happen.

Now Mommie has to go shadow another team before i can go somewhere else. She is going to go to the Nursing Home that is right by our house and ask them today for a volunteer application. Then we will see.

So now I just hang out around the house and wait... this is very boring for me.

- One very sad Figaro

Hello kitties,

The day has finally come and I gotted my official paperworks to be a Pet Partner! I will be receiving my badge later, but for now this means that I can begin my visitating. Mommie called the Hospital today to find out when I can visitate, but I might be able to go next Tuesday! I am very pleased.
I think this is time for a cele-brashun!!! Later this week Veronica and I will be inviting all of you to our BBQ cook-out party to celebrate my new stat-us and also independens day. It is a dress-up party, so wear your bestest July 4th gear! (PS...the party will go on for hours and hours and hours because parents will be out of town again!)
Here is what my letter said:
"Dear Figaro,

Congratulations. We are pleased to accept you as a registered Pet Partner Team and a member of the Delta Society!

Qualification Area: Predictable
Expiration Date: 6/30/2010

Please use this letter as your temporary ID.

Your two-year registration/membership fee includes:
· A subscription to our “Interactions” magazine.
President and CEO"
I am very pleesed. I will be getting a special magazine addressed just to me. And I am ready to go visitating. My expiration date is not for a long, long time. And I have gotted my very own qualification area.

Mommie went Shadowing

Yesterday mommie went shadowing for me to find out what place will be a good fit for my volunteering. I cannot go yet because I have not received my paperwork!

She went to our hospital to the rehab unit and she talked with the Recreational Therapist. Also another team with a dog went with her to show her around and the dog was a greyhound named Cordial who is exactly my coloring! Well, I has more white but she is buff and white too.

All the patients said they would like to see me there next time because they like kitties, and soon I will be going there! We decided it was a good place for a mancat like me because it is a very relaxing environment but I will be very useful for helping people who had strokes get regained mobility by petting me! I love to be petted so it will be fun for me too.

I am extremely eggsited about all of this.

Also, parents may go to the petstore tonight to get us a fish for the pond!

My V-E-T Physical

For part of my registration, I had to go to the V-E-T to get my physical. It was not so bad, actually, because I did not need to get any shots. But Mom did have to bring a sample of my poo for a fe-cal test. I thought that part was embarrassing.

The V-E-T we have is very, very nice. He said I am a good kitty and he called me "my furry friend." I thinked it was nice. And then he checked all my parts, and said that mom takes "excellent care" of me. Of course she does since I am her bai-bee!! Then I had to take some medicines preventitive just in case I do not get any para-sites. That was okay too because it didn't taste so bad. I did not have to have any shots because I am not due for them until November. And he taked my pulse. It definitely was not as bad as expected. (Also, he did not say I is overweight, so THERE Veronica - no more making funs of my belly).

Now Mom is going to go put the stuff in the mails, and I will be waiting 2-3 weeks to receive my I.D.

Mancat Monday - I passed my EXAM!

Hello fellow man-cats and lady-cats,

I am very, very awesome because Sunday afternoon I PASSED MY EXAM! (The Delta Society Exam) I was very stressed out..but I did it. There was some mishaps. The important thing is, I am now on my way to being a real therapy cat with all the I.D.'s and badge and rights to go visitating!

Here is the run-down. I did VERY well when I gotted petted by many people. The evaluator wrote down "Figaro was uncertain at first but enjoyed the attention." That is exactly how I feeled. I was also fascinated by the volun-teer in the wheelchair, because I never seen one of them before. And I got a good grade for cleanliness. But there was another part where I had to sit still for 30 seconds in another ladies arms and not in Mom's. I do not like to sit still so long so I got very nervous. Then I had to do that part 3 times which is the maximum for how many times you can do each exercise. Overall I got graded a "1" (you can get either Not Acceptable, Not Ready, 1, or 2 - Not Acceptable and Not Ready are very, very bad, and 1 means I pass, and 2 means I pass with honors well I just passed not with any honors). I got "1" on both the Skills test and the Aptitude test. Also it was 90 degrees in that place and I was hot, hot hot! I also had to greet a person who had a doggie with him, this part scared me and I made one little hiss. Well, to get a pass you can only make up to 2 hisses in the 30 whole minutes so they let me pass. My hiss was very little and also I recovered quickly. The dog was a golden retriever and he liked me because he kept trying to get me to give me a lick and that scared me pretty bad. The next part was to "refuse a toy." Mom had to bring a toy and I had to show that I have self control not to chase it. Of course, we were clever and mom brought a toy which is Veronica's which I NEVER play with. It does not make noise or have catnips or anything, it is a mouse and it doesn't even look like one because it is GREEN! So, I did not chase that guy and I got a "2" on that part which is the best you can get. Of course I am a sneak just like my sister.

Now, what is the next part? I have to have a photo session with mom for a photo for the I.D. badges. Also, there is a lot of paperwork we need to sign to become a Pet Partners Team. And, the worst part...I have to go to the V-E-T for a fecal sample and a physical exam. Then in 3 weeks, I will get my badge and I can visitate!!!



Practis Run

Last night I did a practice run of my testings. I visitated Lexie who is a doggie. I likes Lexie's owner who is a 5 years of old kid bean, and she visitated me before and gave me Temptashuns, but I do NOT likes Lexie!! Plus there was another kitteh there named Chauncey and I do not likes her either. At first when we gotted there I was a little nervous and I digged my claws into mom-bean's shoulder (good thing I wears claw-caps!). But then I let Lexie's bean hold me and that was nice, so I do not mind strange beans. Then, Lexie kept barking. Lexie is a small yippy doggie. So then I hissified at her!! And I hissified at Chauncey! I am a good hisser after all. But that was not a good thing so Mombean made us go outside for a while and then we tried again with the same results. Finally mombean said okay and instead Lexie and me (on mommie's shoulder) took a walk outside. We walked for a while and Lexie was on a leash and I kept watching her but did not hiss. Lexie pee'd a lot on the walk. I would NEVER pee while I am out in public! I use the TOILET! Yuck! After that we went home. I guess this visit went okay but I am worried I will not pass the test now because I couldn't help it that I hissed at Lexie! I just did not like her! Mom hopes that I will realized from the meeting that even though we seed a doggie nothing bad happened so I should not be worried. I also learned that the doggie who will be at my testing is a greyhound and he does not barks. I hope that will helps.

Yeeepppp - mom sed it is time for my B-A-T-H now. I have to be clean and nice for my testings on Sunday. Saturday will be a resting-day in preperations.

Are you wondering why there is no photos lately?? We do not have our top of laps, it got sended away for fixings. So we have to use a borrowed one and we do not knows how to connects the camera. But it will be back nekst week and we will postify photos then!

Getting ready for the eggzam

Mombean checked out the book on getting my therapy cat license at the library yesterday and it tells all the steps I has to take. First, there is two EGGZAMS. The first one is to see how I reacts to people and the second one is to see how CLEAN I am!!! I can't shed during the eggzam. This will be very hard because I sheds all the time. They will checks my nose, my ears, my whiskars, my paws, everyplace! Mombean says I better get a baths tomorrow to pre-pare. And I has to allowed the volunteers to holded me. And there will be loud noises and volunteers in wheelchairs that I has to remains calm and collected around. Also, I can't MEOW. That is called a vo-cal-ization. This will be hard because I likes to meow when I talks to mombean or dadbean or Veronica.

But...the worstest part...after the eggzam and within 60 days I have to goes for a V-E-T checkup!!! I hate the V-E-T. On top of that, I has to get a fecal sample tested!!! Yuck. There is a special eggzam the V-E-T has to do and filled out a piece of paper that certificates me.

Tonight I will be going to Lexie's house who is a doggie. I never visitated her before although mombean said she is ver cuuute and wears little pink bowses in her hairs. She is also my size only. But she likes to barks. Anyawy I will be at her house practicipating for my eggzam. I will let you knows how that goes laters.

There is big news in my life. Even though I am not a mancat until July, I am allowings to test early for my Therapy Cat Licence. I am very eggsited. The testing is scheduled for this Sunday, June 8th. I will be the last of the testers at the end of the day. I am a little bit nervous but for cats the rules are not as hard as for dogs so I will not be having to show any of my tricks or use the TOILET.

Here is what I will be having to do. I will be having to let other peoples hold me. And I will have to be polite and good. And I will also have to interact with a woman, a man, and a dog. The dog part scares me but of course I am a strong, strong mancat so I will be fine.

Mombean is having to take a written eggzam. I am glad I don't have to take that eggzam!! Because I do not have opposable thumbs so it is hard for me to write with a pen-sill. But it is easy to write with a computar.

Wish me lucks!!!

If I do not passed i have to take a RETAKE on October!!!

Jump and Shouts Contest

Hi guyz,

I enters the jump 'n shouts contest in the shouts categorey.

Watch me shout very sly-like out of the side of my mouths!
What do you thinks???

- Fig

What an egg-siting Mancat Monday!

Today there were a lot of things to report regarding my Trainings. First, this afternoon I went with mom-bean to grandma-bean's house (I have 3 grandma-beans fyi's). This grandma-bean is the one I always go for dinner on Sundays but we didn't have it because the other grandparents beans were in town so all the beans had dinner "out" or something. Anyways so today we went to see that grandma-bean, and she babysits a baby-bean during the day. It is a very nice baby-bean. It is a girl named Y. Y is 10 months of old exactly like me. I did not minded her. I needed to practice being around childrens and she was the only small bean we knows about that I can visitate. This is the second time that I have visitated her, and the first time she did not wanted to come close. But today she scritched me on the bottom. She had tiny paws. And if I stretch out we are almost the same lengths. I can't post any picks because of privacies.

Also, this evening Mombean went to the Therapy Club! They had a meeting and this is the first meeting she's gone to. They are having a testings in June and they will let us know if I can participate or if I has to wait until another month after that even though I was borned sometime in July. So I am not 1 years old yet and the rule is to be 1 years old before you can do anything. So mombean is going to go check out the book at the library for trainings because they said it was there and I am going to work on the trainings for at least another month and maybe mores. I am the only therapy cat who will be joining that club, everyone else is doggies. But that is o.k. because I am way more mature than doggies plus I am so much fluffier.

The excited of Mancats for Volunt-eering

I am the excited of mancats-in-training this coming weekend. I am getting my job soon. I have my briefcase ready and I am all ready to go. I have put on my mancat tie, which is Target Pet Couture (the only brand I wear, it is the most styling). Of course I am still in training, but Mombean will be going on Sunday to watch the trainings of the therapy club and learn about what kinds of testings I will have to go through before I can get my job. Of course the testing is not until my 1 years birthday when I become a MANCAT. That is in July. But I can already start getting ready I think. I have been very good lately with the word "come" and now I come to Mombean whenever she calls me. I come when she calls "Come, Figaro" and incidentally I also come when she calls "Come, Veronica" because I know either way there are treats nearby! I can't wait for my job of volun-teering. It sounds very cool, like mountain-eering or orient-eering. A very prestigious job for ANY mancat!!!

Mancat Monday - I did the errands

This weekend was a very 'ventful weekend for me. I had a lot of events. And on Tuesday is the Petsmart Birthday Party and I am SO going to it.

Here is what we did this weekend. As usual on Sunday I visitated grandma for dinner and also had some matzo for the Over-Pass holidays. It was not very good. I prefer the chickun instead. We didn't do anything special for the Over-Pass like I expected.

Also on Saturday I went with Mombean to do some errands. I am a good car-sitter. Mombean said if I was good she would buy many good foods, so we went to the grocer store and she buyed us like 10 pounds of meats. She cutted it up and putted it in the freezer for a longs time. Then she tooked me to the Wal of Mart because she needed some hangars for spring organizing. She tolded me it appears she has waaayyy too many clothes so she is not allow to go do the shoppings anymore. I offered to pee on her clothes so she wouldn't have so many nice ones but she said nos.

Finally, in the BESTEST news ever, we finded a therapy club!!! I will be a therapy cat afterall. First, we founded out about the university club but they said only vets-in-training can be in that club. I tolded mombean to tell them that I am a MANCAT-in-training which is much more cools but they were not up for this. However they recommended another club that is in our town, Caring Paws! We are so excited. Mombean wrote the lady in charges an email real quick and they are having a testing in the end of April that the lady said mombean can come to. The testing is to get certified to be a real therapy-cat. Mombean is gonna go to learn about the trainings that I still needs to do before the testing. Also, they haves a meeting in May that she is going to go to. However they tolded me that I have to wait until I am a REAL MANCAT and that is not until July. After that I can have my testing, and then I can visitate anyplace I want. The club visitates places every weeks! It will be a very busy time for me next fall when I go visitating. But I am excited because laying around being lazy is getting a little bit boring. Mind you, it is only a LITTLE bit boring, this does not mean that I will stopped being lazy.

Mancat Monday - I am the Ferocious

I am a ferocious mancat-in-training, check out my teeths! They are very sharp, and also squeaky clean because Mombean makes us get brushings every week.

Lately there is no news about therapy cat trainings, although like normal I visitated the grandparent beans for dinner on Sunday. Mamaw taught the grandpa bean to call "come" and I will come. He thinked it is hi-la-rious that I am so smarts. Hello, I am a mancat-in-trainings, does he thinks I am stoopeed?

Also, Mamaw saw her friend again who will tell her if there is any therapy pet club still at the university. There is no newses about it but she thinked that it still exists so if it does we are going to be joining it.

Finally, our friend Chauncey's mom said I could visitate their house for my practicings so I might do that laters. They also have a puppee named Lexie and a kidbean there. I am a little nervous about the puppee but the puppee and Chauncey gets alongs so I must be okay too. Mombean said the visit will be great practicings for me.

Mancat Monday - My First HIss

To preface: I have never hissified before in my lifes. And Sunday I did not feel like going to grandma's house, because it was so nice outside and I enjoyed the fresh airs at home instead. So then later in the evenings we went over to our other grandparents house and they have a cat named Missy. She hissifies at me all the time anytime we goes over there. Anyway we goed over there every week also for a long time now and usually I just ignore her and hang out somewheres else. Or else I sits and looks at her. But yesterday Mamaw was watching me sit and look at her again and she picked me up and I looked at Missy and I HISSED at that kitteh!!! This is my first hiss ever. Mamaw was beginning to think maybe I do not knows how to hiss, only meow. She was so surprised. I have a very loud mancat hiss so I am proud of that. But Missy did not seem scared. Here is a photo of me yawning instead of hissing because we didn't catch my hiss on camera.

Mancat Monday - Progresses

Another Monday, another mancat posting. here I am in my blue polo shirt that I weared yesterday to grandparent's house. I was a very good kitty, I sat with grandma on her lap and purred and purred. She liked it. But grandpa is not a big fans of kitties or any animals so he does not come near me. Which is why I was surprised that....he was wearing the same shirt as me yesterday! Also a blue polo. Mamaw wanted to take a picture but he did not sit very close to me so we could not. I laffed.

Also, one of Mom's friend beans works at the university and said there might be a Therapy Pet club there. She told her a week ago there might be but she did not get details yet. If there is, then I can go there for my certifications and trainings! We are going to finds out. In the meantime I am keeping up visitating friends, petsmart, and the outdoors.

I visitated Petsmart again today to pick a present for Veronica. I will not says what it is because it is still a secret!!! But I did played with it at the store and I think I liked it very much. I was a much better kitty today and I didn't get as scared this time even though there were a lot of doggies. But we only stayed maybe 30 minutes. Just enough time to get a present for Veronica, get us some treats, get petted by all the peoples who wanted to petted me, and check out the birdies. But Mamaw forgotted the camera so here is just a photo of me when I gotted home and was doing some relaxations.

I saw some childrens at petsmart and they petted me. They thinked I had a very fluffy tail and then I purred at them.

Also a lady asked Mamaw how I got to be so good leash trained. Mamaw didn't point out of course that I already also know "Go to Mat" "Sit Pretty" "Come" and "Give me Five", haw haw. I am the smart of kitties. Although Veronica knows one extra trick than me because she can play the pianos! But that is sissy stuffs.

I gotted mistakened for a girl again like 5 times. I am not sure how to change this. I already hvae a BLUE COLLAR. Not sures. I think it is my dashing good looks, beans cannot realize that mancats are of course very handsome also. Silly beans.
I will be taking a breaks tomorrow from any visitations although I do plan to let all the guest beans at Veronica's party pet me. I won't be going to Petsmart probably not for a lot of more days. Mamaw doesn't like to drive all the way 20 minutes away!! It is fars. We wishes we had a store here I could go to that was closers. Maybe if I got a kitty stroller...we could go for walks better. I don't really like to go for walks if there are a lot of cars, that's why I wish I had a kitty stroller so Mamaw could take me to the park and walk with me theres.

The Fig does Yogas - Easy like Sunday

Here is a picshur of me doing kitty yogas. This is called the backward facing kitty pose (I maded that up because I think downward facing dog is pretty much the most hilarious bean phrase ever for a pose). Yogas relaxes me before I go on my errands. Usually while I do this pose I am asleep. Or else deeply relaxified. Everyone should try it. It is most best by the fire because it is warm there and I don't pull any muscles. Today I am going to my grandma's house again for the Easter dinners.

I visitated my grandma's Neighbors

Oh boy I am tired todays. This afternoon Mamaw went over to grandma's house to fix HER internets (well, actually her computer did not start up anymore and showed blue-screen) and I went alongs as part of my therapy kitty training. I started meowing right when we gotted in the car! I am so tired of going places, I need a day offs! I meowd and meowd but Mamaw did not pay attentions. Usually I sits in the passenger seat but since no one was paying attentions I gotted my front paws on my Mamaw's shoulder and putted my nose right into her ear and MEOWD. She was a little surprised but she did not stop the drivings. She thinks I need a crate for travel cause it is more safe but we do not have one yet, and grandma's house is only 5 minutes. When we gotted there she worked on fixing the computer (she did not fix it) and then we went over to the neighbors house. The neighbor thoughted I was "pretty." AGAIN! But she also thoughted I was a pure-bred Siberian kitteh because of my very floofy tails. That mades me happy. She holded me for a while and I did not mind. But then I got a little moody so we had to go home.

Tomorrow I think I will get a break from my workings and relax!

I visitated the PetSmart

I was the busy of mancats today. Mom took me to get papaw from work in the bean car and then he left for his businesses trip. That is why there is no photo today because he took the nice laptops with him. After he lefted, Mamaw sat me in the bean car and we went to the PetSmart. It is a 20 minute drive, I am used to just 5 minutes when we go to the grandma's house, so it was longer. But I handled it very good, except by the end I stopped purring and meowed for Mamaw to stop already. We did goed through the University campus and I got to see some of the bean students. When we are homes I help Mamaw grade their papers. Usually after she grades one then I will chew on it. I am not allowed to do that I don't know why because in my opinions it is a lot of help and useful, I thinks my sister agrees about this.

When we gotted to the Petsmart, we went straight to see the birdies. There were the keet of paras there, greens and blues ones. I looked at them for a while but really I was kind of nervous. Also we saw a doggie just getting out from his hairs appointment and he was ALL GREENS! I think it was for the St. of Patricks day. He was weird. I didn't want to get down from Mamaw's arms because she holded me nice and I wrapped my paws around her neck for extra protections. Also, we gotted asked to be petted by 5 peoples. The first two of them were girls and they tolded me I was pretty. I said, I am a MANCAT! Can't they tell by my blue harness.

Second I gotted petted by some other ladies who liked my purple softpaws. I was very excited about that. They wanted to get some for their kitty but we gotted ours on eBay and not Petsmart since they only have clear at the Petsmart. So mamaw tolded them and they said they will get some for their kitty who tears up stuffs. Then I also gotted to see some fishes which were ok. And also a rat who was gray and white and very interesting.

Then we went to pick a present for Veronica and I was gonna get her a panic mouse but it was too much like $27 so Mamaw said no. Then I climbed into some of the cat trees and didn't wanna come out. It was nice in theres. Then Mamaw said we could get Veronica the Cat Dancer but the line was too long so she decided we come back later, because I stopped being a mancat and was whining a lot and she got embarrassing. On the way home I just sitted quietly except the last 5 minutes I got meowey because I wanted to be home already. When I got home I eated a lot of good foods because Mamaw said I did goods.

I am learning good to be a therapy kitty but it is still going to take a long times. I feel like I accomplishmented a lot today though because I never beened to Petsmart before.

Deep thinkings

This week I have been working hard on my goals. We went outside for a walk everyday and I am doing good on my leash training. Also at night Mamaw practices cuddling up with me really tight so I get used to lots of cuddle time without biting. It is working well except I still like to nibbles just a little, but then she gives me a pat on the nose and says "no."

Today is the day that I will be going to Petsmart to try out new things. I think I will also go to grandma's house and hang out there for a while while Mamaw works.

Here is a photo of me in my office wearing my polo shirt and having some deep thinkings about the next steps in my life goals. Of course I will be continuing my harness training. Maybe just maybe the Veronica will convince the parents to get us the stroller and then of course there will be more walkses. I hope that the doggie trainer gets back to us soon about stuffs, but if not we will work hard on our own and I can still get certified for my birthday in Julys. Of course lots of volunteer hours are required until thens but I will manages. Papaw told his families on the phone yesterdays about my trainings and they thinked I can visit them too but they live in Missouris! Maybe I will go theres someday but it is far and also some of thems are allergics to me!!!

Today we got a reply from the Love on a Leash (LOAL) foundation for pet-provided therapy. Their nearest chapter is 2 hours away from us, and they only have doggies in their program. But they forward our message to the dog trainer to see what he says. Of course I am a mancat and I will not give up my job training just because of a small setback. They said we can still be a therapy cat even without a chapter in our town. But maybe now we will see about being a therapy cat with SARA, The Service Animal Registry of America, because it is the cheaper and only have to renew your licence every 3 yearses instead of every years. That is the registry that Princess Sugar Pie is registered with and she is very successful. Now I am waiting to hear back from the doggie trainer at LOAL. Also today I plans to work on leash training some more. This weekend I will go with Mamaw to petsmart to pick up some litters and practice leash training there. I hope we get some toys too since I have been so good.


Hello everyone.

I am the Fig and I am finally the old of age enough to have my own bloggy. Also, recently (this week) we decided that I would be the cat of Therapy Cat or Therapy Kitty. This kind of therapy means I will go with my beans to visit other beans in places like nursing homes or hospitals or schools and be the smart and give good advices and help peoples relax and have a fun times. I am all about the fun times. I know I can be a therapy cat because I am very laid back and relaxed and I like new people.

Here are some things that I have already done to get started. I have been wearing my new harness all week a couple of hours a day to get used to it. You can see it in my picture. You can't see that it has a id tag attached that is a blue star. It is the awesome. I hoped to get a green harness though but there were not many choices. Maybe when I go to Petsmarts I can pick out something new. Today also I practiced with my leash but I did not like it much. Of course working is hard works so I do not think it is a good idea to give up yet. Also, I am getting clicker trained. So far I can "Go to Mat", "Target", and "Sit Pretty." I am learning to come when I am called. Usually this is funner than my leash because I like treats. I have also practiced visiting my grandma's house once per week on Sundays for dinner and I like it there cause they feed good foods.

Here are some things I am planning to do this week:

1. Get better used to my leash.
2. Visit the PetSmarts with my mamaw. That is the first shopping trip of my LIFES! I hope I get good stuff. It is recommended for me to learn to be in new environments by the owner of Princess Sugar Pie who is a therapy cat.
3. Wait to hear back about specific requirements in my state about the training
4. Get better used to the bean-car. It's a Prius which I like it because I am an environmentalistic kitty.
Probably I won't blog everyday because working kitties are very busy. But I will keep updated with all new progresses. Don't worry being a therapy cat I can still be a mancat.


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