Maybe something will turn up?

The Therapist from the Hospital emailed my mommie today and said that she is working on changing their laws to allow a therapy cat. She said as soon as it is done she will schedule us for a visit! It is very good news after I was not allowed to go to the nursing home. Ah, it is so difficult! I hope I will get to go at least pretty soon! I am keeping my tail up about this!

Much better mood,


Even more set-backs

Well, another setback today. I will not be going to the nursing home a week from today because this Nursing Home also does not accept kitties and only dogs. I do not understand this but it is making me sad, especially to receive these newses on my birfday. We are now hoping some other nursing home will take me or else the Veterans Home.

I am keeping all of my toesies crossed!



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