I visitated my grandma's Neighbors

Oh boy I am tired todays. This afternoon Mamaw went over to grandma's house to fix HER internets (well, actually her computer did not start up anymore and showed blue-screen) and I went alongs as part of my therapy kitty training. I started meowing right when we gotted in the car! I am so tired of going places, I need a day offs! I meowd and meowd but Mamaw did not pay attentions. Usually I sits in the passenger seat but since no one was paying attentions I gotted my front paws on my Mamaw's shoulder and putted my nose right into her ear and MEOWD. She was a little surprised but she did not stop the drivings. She thinks I need a crate for travel cause it is more safe but we do not have one yet, and grandma's house is only 5 minutes. When we gotted there she worked on fixing the computer (she did not fix it) and then we went over to the neighbors house. The neighbor thoughted I was "pretty." AGAIN! But she also thoughted I was a pure-bred Siberian kitteh because of my very floofy tails. That mades me happy. She holded me for a while and I did not mind. But then I got a little moody so we had to go home.

Tomorrow I think I will get a break from my workings and relax!

I visitated the PetSmart

I was the busy of mancats today. Mom took me to get papaw from work in the bean car and then he left for his businesses trip. That is why there is no photo today because he took the nice laptops with him. After he lefted, Mamaw sat me in the bean car and we went to the PetSmart. It is a 20 minute drive, I am used to just 5 minutes when we go to the grandma's house, so it was longer. But I handled it very good, except by the end I stopped purring and meowed for Mamaw to stop already. We did goed through the University campus and I got to see some of the bean students. When we are homes I help Mamaw grade their papers. Usually after she grades one then I will chew on it. I am not allowed to do that I don't know why because in my opinions it is a lot of help and useful, I thinks my sister agrees about this.

When we gotted to the Petsmart, we went straight to see the birdies. There were the keet of paras there, greens and blues ones. I looked at them for a while but really I was kind of nervous. Also we saw a doggie just getting out from his hairs appointment and he was ALL GREENS! I think it was for the St. of Patricks day. He was weird. I didn't want to get down from Mamaw's arms because she holded me nice and I wrapped my paws around her neck for extra protections. Also, we gotted asked to be petted by 5 peoples. The first two of them were girls and they tolded me I was pretty. I said, I am a MANCAT! Can't they tell by my blue harness.

Second I gotted petted by some other ladies who liked my purple softpaws. I was very excited about that. They wanted to get some for their kitty but we gotted ours on eBay and not Petsmart since they only have clear at the Petsmart. So mamaw tolded them and they said they will get some for their kitty who tears up stuffs. Then I also gotted to see some fishes which were ok. And also a rat who was gray and white and very interesting.

Then we went to pick a present for Veronica and I was gonna get her a panic mouse but it was too much like $27 so Mamaw said no. Then I climbed into some of the cat trees and didn't wanna come out. It was nice in theres. Then Mamaw said we could get Veronica the Cat Dancer but the line was too long so she decided we come back later, because I stopped being a mancat and was whining a lot and she got embarrassing. On the way home I just sitted quietly except the last 5 minutes I got meowey because I wanted to be home already. When I got home I eated a lot of good foods because Mamaw said I did goods.

I am learning good to be a therapy kitty but it is still going to take a long times. I feel like I accomplishmented a lot today though because I never beened to Petsmart before.


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