The Economy

Hi Kittens,

As you all might know the Economy is not doing so good right now and one of my favorite Nursing Homes has cut my hours indefinitely! They were sold to another company, and that company reduced the hours for activities. First, I changed my activity to only 30 minutes instead of one hour, and then, they cancelled my activity in January and February, and then they just called to cancel March, and when my mommie asked about April they said it is cancelled. My mommie is checking to see if I will be able to come a few times just to visit my friends room to room, and they have to check with the main office. In the meantime - I am vacationing and getting ready for our big move! We will be finding Nursing Homes in our new locale soon.

//Update update update! I am allowed to come anytime by myself for room-to-room visitation. Woo-hoo-hoo I am definitely dropping by this weekend!



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