Reading at the Library

Hello Kitties,

This morning I went to read at the library. I had a very good time. Over 15 children came to the library to read to me and the other dogs! A lot of my friends were there, as well as new friends. I heard many stories. I usually get to hear stories about dogs, and I heard 2 of those. I also heard a story about a soccer coach. I also heard a story about what you can and can't do, for example, "can you ride a bed? no! can you ride a sled? yes!"
One of my new friends, E., read a story she wrote by herself! This was very exciting. It was about saving a dolphin. My other friend Z. read a story that her sister wrote about animals. I really liked those.
Now I am getting to the really good part. One of my very good friends brought a story that her aunt wrote. It was all about her and all the animals she is friends with. The best part is, two of the pages had photos of me! I am in a book! I was very excited. I would like more people to write stories about me.
I also handed out my bookmarks and everyone was very pleased.
Now I am just taking a short nap before I take a longer nap.
Love and purrs,
Figaro <3

My sister gives me kisses

Hi Kitties,
Do you see that photo of my sister giving me kisses? My big sister loves me very much.
Tomorrow I will be going to a reading program. We also ordered some new bookmarks with my photo on them to give out to the children, I have to check for them in the human mailbox later today.
Also, this week a cat Jax tested for his therapy license with our club and passed! Jax is a black cat. He did very well. Now there are 2 of us cats in the therapy club.
And I was just informed that I am going to be featured on the website of my mom's department for "service activities". I am very pleased about that, especially because the photo they have selected to use is very, very flattering of me and my fluffiness.

Our Dasha is home!

Hi Kitties,

I know many of you are impatiently waiting for a Dasha update. She is finally at home and doing very well. She has been taking her medicine like a good little girl every morning and evening. Her stitches are healing nicely and she does not has to wear a bandage anymore, and she is going for her post-op visit tomorrow morning. Do you see how cute she is? I love my little cousin! (But I am not allowed in her room because I would probably play rough with her.)
Next weekend - the library reading program!

An update on our sweet 'keet

Hi Kitties,
Our 'keet Dashinka is doing very well. My mommie collected her from the hospital on Friday afternoon before she left for a trip, and so Dasha stayed at my grandparents' house for the weekend for her convalescence. She has to wear a little dress to keep her from picking on her stitches. She has been eating and drinking and doing very very well! She has a post-op appointment at the hospital on Wednesday and then they will take her stitches out and soon she will be ready to spend more time with Romeo in the same house.
I myself do not have any appointments for an entire week so we are just relaxing. Tonight we are going to go do some yardwork outside again. Yesterday when my mommie got back she slept for a lot of hours because over the weekend she was at a wedding making wedding flowers and dancing all night long. I slept right next to her since I love to sleep!


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