Dear Kitties,

I am doing extremely well on my Training to be a great Therapy Cat, especially now that we have got a Kitty Stroller. Everyday mommie takes us for a Stroll around the Neighborhood. Down the street we have got a LOT of baby humans. There are baby humans who are aged 1, and tiny humans who are aged 3, and 4, and 5. There is at least SIX in total of those small humans. Anyway, the first time we went, Mommie stopped and taked me out and let me get petted by all those little hands. I really enjoyed it because that is a lot of attention for one small kitten! Now, anytime we go around the block, all those small humans wave at us from far away and get very excited. They do things like jump up and down and yelll "Hellooo!". I am very purry about this. It is like getting a birthday present EVERY DAY, that is how happy I am. Then Mommie stops, takes me out, and lets all those little humans pet me. I definitely purr a lot. This is a very very good practice for my Therapy Cat jobs.


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