Poked and Prodded

Hi Kitties,
Well, this morning I had to go to the kitty doctor's office. It was time for my annual checkup and I went to a new vet this time who my mommy really liked but I have to say I am not so sure. I had to get all my shots and I had to have a thermometer to measure my temperature. It was so embarrassing! I also got some heartguard medicine for worm prevention. The only good news is I did a good, good job and did not scratch or bite anyone. Also, because I am a therapy cat I got $5 off my visit fees.
Also this weekend was the library reading program! I have a BIG accomplishment. Usually, I have a room all to myself but this time they made a mistake with scheduling so I had to be in the same room with the therapy dogs. A lot of dogs were there, and I was not scared at all! I did my usual purrs and high fives for everyone! Because it is so close to the holidays, I did not have many visitors since everyone is busy getting ready for Santa Paws.
I got ready for Santa Paws too by decorating our room with a lot of bright lights and hanging up our stocking. We also set up a menorah for good measure, and we will put shoes out our window for the elves, and expect the Father Frost to come for New Years. I hope I get a lot of good gifts to eat - since we celebrate so many of the holidays it is bound to happen! This year for the holidays we adopted a goat.
Happy Hannukah!


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