Hi Kitties,

Today I was asked to comment on an article about 15 Tips on Caring for Persian Cats. I feel that I may look a little bit like a Persian Cat because I am so fluffy, and it is true that I am a long-hair so some of these tips apply for me too, although I am from the shelter and my breed is not known. I will comment about some of the points.

1. Daily brushing. Yes! I am brushed a few times every week, and because my fur is not quite *that* long, it works well for me. For a persian though, brushings may be needed more often.

2. Vegetarian diets. Well, I do not believe that any cat should be on a vegetarian diet. My mommie is a big health nut and has looked up everything on cats and firmly believes that cats require a meat diet. In our case, we eat raw meat (mostly cut up chicken) and some raw food with dry food for "treats", and the Platinum Performance supplement. I love my raw chicken! Remember, if you feed cooked meat it cannot have bones in it as they splinter when cooked. Also, cooked diets require more taurine supplement. I personally enjoy my diet, because as a baby kitten I suffered tummy aches from eating mostly kibble and canned food, I think I am allergic to some of the ingredients, particularly beat pulp is not necessary. I am much more in favor of my high quality diet. My sister would probably actually enjoy being vegetarian, because she loves to share some muffins or cupcakes with mommie for breakfast, and recently has been enjoying a big of yoghurt and potato salad. All these she only gets in moderation because they are snacks, not her main food! I personally HATE that food. Oh and my mommie is vegetarian so I get all that meat to myself :)

3. Baths. Yes, we take them. Yes, I hate them! We get a bath about every month. In the article it says every week to every month. My vet said once every two weeks is the maximum or else the skin might dry out.

4. Cleaning around noses and eyes. Yes, that would be good!

5. Better kept indoors. I agree with that! I much prefer to be inside and safe, although I do go out for walks when it is nice out on my leash. Indoor kitties live longer and enjoy a happy cozy life.

As for the rest of the article, it looks pretty good! :) I am not a Persian expert, just a regular cat, so I hope if any of my readership is Persian you will enjoy the article.
PS - I am feeling a little bit famous because my mom saw an Opera this weekend in which they sang Figaroo Figaroo Figarooo! It was a piece from La Nozze di Figaro and one of my favorite Operas because I am named after it.



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