I am philosiphizing

Hello my kitty friends,

Yesterday it was nice weather so I got to go outside for a walk and I got to meet our neighbor A. A. is only 4 years old and she just got a small puppy whom she named Lulu. The puppy is smaller than me! A. liked me a lot and she even petted me. I also met some neighbors from across the way who are going to be coming to the library reading program next month to see me!

Usually I like to talk about my work, but today I am also going to talk about my mommie's work. My mommie is going to become a doctor of philosophy next week! A doctor of philosophy is not like a real doctor, but it is still pretty good! Right now I am thinking of a good philosophy. It is about kitty treats.


My personal high-rise

Hi Kitties,

I am happy to report that it looks like we found the apartment we will be moving to in the windy city. I am so excited to move, because I will be getting my own personal high rise. This is the Ikea hack from Stockholm. I am pretty sure that my mom will build it for us very soon. It will be good for relaxing in between my kitty visits.




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