Somewhere Way Up High!

Hi Kitties,

Here is another great photo of me from the library.

I cannot WAIT to move to Chicago and get to live in one of those skyrockets. I mean, skyscrapers. We looked around for some apartments and the good ones come with "pet services". That will be very luxurious for me, if my mommie has to be out of town for work Veronica and I can get pampered! Mommie says she is probably going to meet friends to take care of us when she is out, but the "pet services" sounded like a great idea to us, for example I hope it includes breakfast in bed. There are also going to be granite countertops and wall to ceiling windows. I really hope the view is good, since Veronica and I will be the ones enjoying it the majority of the time since mommie will be at work.

Yesterday my mommie got interviewed by some journalists and on the TV about her thoughts on charging people for trash, which is a new ordinance in our town. We think that if people have to pay extra to have extra trash, then they will be more likely to recycle their recyclables and give their old stuff to the Goodwill instead of putting it in the garbage! This will be good therapy for the earth.



I am a little fish in a big pond.

Hi Kitties,
Yesterday was an adventure! I went to my Nursing Home like normal, and this time so many people wanted to visit with me that there were people waiting outside the door to the room! I had at LEAST 30 visitors.. I was so happy. My regular friends were there, and I met a lot of new friends too. I went to everyone and got petted, and then I played with a string. At the end when people were leaving I ran around and lay down in front of their wheelchairs so they would not go! (But, my mommie took me in her arms and told me that we will be back next month). For next month - we will be going over Valentine's and I will have to come up with some nice Valentine's cards to hand out!

Read, read, read your book

Hi Kitties,

Today I am humming "row row row your boat" with the words "read read read your book". I think it is very clever. I am sitting on the old HP laptop right now and staring out the window at some snow while mommie writes down what I want to say on the new MacBook. My sister and I both take turns sitting on the laptop, because it is the perfect size plus it has a snuggly cover on it. My sister is taking a nap on the bed instead, which is funny for her because she usually does not sleep in the mornings.

This Saturday I had an excellent visit to the library. As always we had a lot of little kiddos reading to me, which I enjoyed very much! Of course, I got a lot of treats and pettings. One of my favorite friends read me a book about Barney, and I also heard a lot about felines. I have also written my own book, which is just about me, with pictures, all about my life, from when I was born to pictures of everyone in my family, which some of the kids read to me too. Everyone likes that book, especially the part about my sister Veronica. You can see the book behind me, it has a beautiful antique silver cover. I am very fancy.

Tonight I am going to see my Nursing Home friends! I hope the snow stops, because I do not like to go outside much when it is snowing!



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