Shout-out to Princess Sugar Pie!

Hi kitties,

As you may remember, when I first started my Training to become a threapy cat and before I was even one years old, my Mommie contacted the famous therapy cat Princess Sugar Pie and asked for advice. The advice they gave us was obviously very, very good because here I am only 1/2 a year later as a full fledged therapy cat! Princess Sugar Pie is very famous and she has been on TV. I am very proud that I am becoming a good threapy cat just like her. I am happy to realize also that I am listed on her links for other therapy cats!

Look on the left for a photo of her that I am displaying here from her site. She has many cute outfits. She is a very nice and helpful cat, she has been a therapy cat for a long time now and I aspire to be as good as her someday!

I already got a little bit famous. My daddy was at a work-meeting today and his colleague asked him if he knows about Figaro the Cat who is at the library for reading programs, because he knows my daddy likes cats. And my daddy said, that in fact that I am his cat! And another colleague said, oh there is ANOTHER Figaro who visits my mom's nursing home. And he said, YES that is my cat too and he will be there on Thursday! I feel very special and famous.

Love love and lots of e-visits to you,


Happy New Year!

Hello Everykitty,

I am exciting for the New Year. I have many visits scheduled. I am going to a Nursing Home on Thursday, the Reading Program on Saturday, and also next Thursday and the Thursday after that I will be going to more Nursing Homes. Also - exciting News! The Reading Program used to be called "Read to the Dogs" and it is finally re-named "Read to the Dogs & Cat". I also have a special recognition on the library website that says "Figaro will be in the board room on the second floor." I sincerely hope that I will get to choose an apprentice while I am up there, but it is not that kind of board room.

Also, the other library by my house (although I might be moving soon..) is going to schedule a library reading program in March. Mommie has arranged it for our therapy club.

I will update after my Nursing Home visit!

Love and New Year kisses,



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