Kitty Adventures - Safety First

On Saturday I visitated the library. Since it is the first time at the library, I had to learn to be very good and talk in my inside voice. I am pretty good at that. For the library reading program, the children read me a lot of books. A lot of children wanted to read me about Pokemon. I did not know there were so many interesting Pokemons. I also heared a story about a fish. I was very very shy and I did not like to get petted at the library because a lot of the children just petted the dogs who come to the reading program before me, so I could smell a lot of dogs!

Then when we were getting in the car, Mommie was holding me while folding the stroller with one hand and I was wiggly a lot because I heared loud car noises in the garage. Then mommie hitted her HEAD on the car. She was not happy, now there is a big bump. But on the other paw, I am perfectly fine.

This is why yesterday Mommie went to the store and got me a Safety Car Seat. Only, we are going to have to modify it to buckle on the seat belt because car safety is a #1 priority now that I am going on a visit almost every week. Actually I am very pleased with it. I sat in it yesterday and it is very nice. Right now it is in the house so we can get used to it. Mommie finded it for $11 only at Wal of Mart!! This is a GREAT price because it donates 3% to ASPCA and should be the BEST car seat ever, and retails on the ASPCA site for $49.99!!! My only concern is that it is pink and I prefer green like in the photo. Pink was the only one availables for the low, low price. I am a very manly mancat though so I can handle it. It also says "unconditional love" on it. it is very, very breathable.


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