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Hi Kitties,

Today was my first day back at the Nursing Home for 2009. It was very relaxing. The place I visit in is very sunny so I laid in the sun for a while and listened to the residents' stories about their kitties. I like to do that. I got petted a lot and showed high fives and got treats! After that I went to my grandma's house and spent some time there while my mommie ate lunch. Then we came home and now my mommie says she has to work on a lot of Important Things. I am going to take a nappy to relax! Here is a photo of me in my new house getting ready to take a nappy. I can't post photos from the Nursing Home because at that nursing home photos are Not Allowed!



Hi kitties,

This week-end was a big week-end for me. First, my fambly moved to a new place. We unpacked a lot. The new place is the same like the old place now that I have my cat tree and all my cat things here with me. In the new place we are sharing with our cousin Missy. She does not like us so we have to stay in separate rooms. But that is okay because we stay with our mommie. And my pet fishes are here too of course.

Second, I had a very fun time at the library reading program!!! I got to hear a lot of fun stories again. My friend C. came again, here is a photo of her reading to me. Also one boy who came wanted to know if he can teach his cat to be a therapy cat too. My mommie gave him some advice. Then after that my other friend Y. read me a book. He always comes to see me because he is part Russian just like me! Next month my mommy has prepared some books to take with us for children to read. One is called "French for Cats." It is to learn to say important cat phrases in french. I hope that someone will read it to me!
Happy reading!


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