Halloween Adventures

Hi Kitties,
I dressed as a ladybug for Halloween. Do you like my outfit? I think it is very cute. I went to the Nursing Home for trick-or-treating and I got a lot of treats, before my official therapy visit. I got a lot of compliments for my costume, everyone said I am very cute.

At my therapy visit, I took off my costume and got petted. I had a lot of visitors. I also had a few people with oxygen tanks. At first the oxygen tank noises were scary for me so I had to take a break and sit on my mom's lap without being petted. But then I ate some treats and felt better, so I let everyone pet me and now I am happy to say I am not afraid of oxygen tanks! They took me by surprise, that's all.
The only sad part was that my best friend R.A. did not want to pet me because she was having a bad day. She did not remember how much she loves me! I meowed and asked her to pet me, but she pet me a little bit and then went back to her room. I hope she is feeling better next time I come and she can pet me because I am her favorite.


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