Mancat Monday - Progresses

Another Monday, another mancat posting. here I am in my blue polo shirt that I weared yesterday to grandparent's house. I was a very good kitty, I sat with grandma on her lap and purred and purred. She liked it. But grandpa is not a big fans of kitties or any animals so he does not come near me. Which is why I was surprised that....he was wearing the same shirt as me yesterday! Also a blue polo. Mamaw wanted to take a picture but he did not sit very close to me so we could not. I laffed.

Also, one of Mom's friend beans works at the university and said there might be a Therapy Pet club there. She told her a week ago there might be but she did not get details yet. If there is, then I can go there for my certifications and trainings! We are going to finds out. In the meantime I am keeping up visitating friends, petsmart, and the outdoors.


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