Settling in on a mancat monday

Dear Kitties,

We are all settled in our new house. Just a few more boxes to unpack and this weekend our couch came in. The couch is SO COMFY I am having some sweet dreams right now. :) So far we did not go outdoors for any exploring but we do like to look outside of the windows a lot! We did not start up any visiting yet, but I did advise my friend Nic about visiting in our hometown today - I hope she will take my place as the therapy cat in my hometown, that would be so nice!

Oh PS - stay tuned! We just got a free bottle of pet carpet cleaner, and we will be reviewing it on our site as soon as we have a carpet stain - and there will be a carpet cleaner GIVEAWAY!

PPS - StumbleIT indexed our site and I had 75 visitors yesterday! Neat!



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