I love reading!

Hi Kitties,

I am very very excited today. In general my house life has been a lot of excitement as you can tell. I got a special email from the library coordinator and she is doing a reading week in the summer specially about cats. I am going to be invited to come on one of the days and I will be the guest of honor! Also, because this isn't a therapy activity, my sister Veronica is invited also! But, I think she is too shy to be able to come. Her and me are like peas in a pod except for some things like therapy visiting.
Also, my club decided that we will be printing special books about our therapy animals and giving them out to the libraries and schools that we visit. Each therapy animal is going to have a special story written about him or her. I am going to start working on my story right away, and I think I will include my Poke-stats!

Love, Figaro


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