My First Sleep-Away Camp

I am officially invited to the sleep-away camp! It is for an ENTIRE weekend. The coordinators said that mommie and I may have our own bunk bed for the weekend, reserved. However, Mommie said that we will only come for the day and we cannot sleep-away because I am still too small to be away from home at night, and the camp is only 30 minutes away from our house. I feel that this is kind of silly because I am a MANCAT.

In any case, I am very excited about this important job. It all got arranged today. This is a special camp for childrens who lost their loved humans. So I will be very important to comfort them with all my soft furs that they can pet.

The camp is going to be in September. I am very, very excited. We maked sure it does not interfere with my Nursing Home jobs which are also very important, but those are during the day. I think I will wear my special green hoodie. I think it is a good Camping hoodie. And of course I will be going in my Kitty Stroller.

Grief Counselor Therapy Cat

Hello Kitties,

My volunteering career is really taking off. I think pretty soon I will have a Job at least every week. I am very happy about this.

I am scheduled for two more Nursing Homes visits in September, in different Nursing Homes. My First Visit went very great, so I cannot wait for more visits.

And just today I have been invited to attend a special camp and be a Grief Counselor for childrens who has lost a loved human. I am very sad for these childrens and I think I will be able to provide some comfort for them since they can pet me and hug me and I will Purr. This special camp is in the middle of September.

I will also probably get to participate in the Grief Center that opens in our town very soon, and this will be for adult humans.

- Figaro


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