My First Sleep-Away Camp

I am officially invited to the sleep-away camp! It is for an ENTIRE weekend. The coordinators said that mommie and I may have our own bunk bed for the weekend, reserved. However, Mommie said that we will only come for the day and we cannot sleep-away because I am still too small to be away from home at night, and the camp is only 30 minutes away from our house. I feel that this is kind of silly because I am a MANCAT.

In any case, I am very excited about this important job. It all got arranged today. This is a special camp for childrens who lost their loved humans. So I will be very important to comfort them with all my soft furs that they can pet.

The camp is going to be in September. I am very, very excited. We maked sure it does not interfere with my Nursing Home jobs which are also very important, but those are during the day. I think I will wear my special green hoodie. I think it is a good Camping hoodie. And of course I will be going in my Kitty Stroller.


  1. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    this is so nice of you Fig! i'm sure you'll do a great job. those kids will be so happy to see you and pet your soft furs. you're a very good Mancat!

    i forgot to tell you i gave you an award on my bloggy on Tuesday.  

  2. Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

    That is quiet an honor. We are sure you will ease some deep heart aches.
    ~ The Bunch  

  3. The Island Cats said...

    Wow, Fig! We think this is really cool that you have been chosen to go to therapy camp. We know you will help all those little beans.

    And you look really good in your hoodie. We gots to get hoodies for us!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey  

  4. Parker said...

    Dear Fig,
    I am so proud of you. Everyone knows that kitties are the best therapy to fix a sad heart.

  5. Brownie said...

    Fig, I'm proud too :) Good luck for you
    -Brownie :)  

  6. Karen Jo said...

    This is very exciting, Fig. I just know that you will be a great comfort to those children.  

  7. Daisy said...

    Oh Figgie, this is very exciting! I think you picked the perfect outfit to wear at camp, too.  

  8. Katie and Da Katz said...

    oh how eggsiting!! how did you do?

    dats furry nise uv u ta go ta dat campy!

    Katie Too.

    ohhh. yes we waz goin sleepy nw. by by  


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