I visitated Petsmart again today to pick a present for Veronica. I will not says what it is because it is still a secret!!! But I did played with it at the store and I think I liked it very much. I was a much better kitty today and I didn't get as scared this time even though there were a lot of doggies. But we only stayed maybe 30 minutes. Just enough time to get a present for Veronica, get us some treats, get petted by all the peoples who wanted to petted me, and check out the birdies. But Mamaw forgotted the camera so here is just a photo of me when I gotted home and was doing some relaxations.

I saw some childrens at petsmart and they petted me. They thinked I had a very fluffy tail and then I purred at them.

Also a lady asked Mamaw how I got to be so good leash trained. Mamaw didn't point out of course that I already also know "Go to Mat" "Sit Pretty" "Come" and "Give me Five", haw haw. I am the smart of kitties. Although Veronica knows one extra trick than me because she can play the pianos! But that is sissy stuffs.

I gotted mistakened for a girl again like 5 times. I am not sure how to change this. I already hvae a BLUE COLLAR. Not sures. I think it is my dashing good looks, beans cannot realize that mancats are of course very handsome also. Silly beans.
I will be taking a breaks tomorrow from any visitations although I do plan to let all the guest beans at Veronica's party pet me. I won't be going to Petsmart probably not for a lot of more days. Mamaw doesn't like to drive all the way 20 minutes away!! It is fars. We wishes we had a store here I could go to that was closers. Maybe if I got a kitty stroller...we could go for walks better. I don't really like to go for walks if there are a lot of cars, that's why I wish I had a kitty stroller so Mamaw could take me to the park and walk with me theres.

The Fig does Yogas - Easy like Sunday

Here is a picshur of me doing kitty yogas. This is called the backward facing kitty pose (I maded that up because I think downward facing dog is pretty much the most hilarious bean phrase ever for a pose). Yogas relaxes me before I go on my errands. Usually while I do this pose I am asleep. Or else deeply relaxified. Everyone should try it. It is most best by the fire because it is warm there and I don't pull any muscles. Today I am going to my grandma's house again for the Easter dinners.


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