Clean + Green! - Review and Giveaway

Hi Kitties,

As many of you know, I am a therapy kitty and I also believe in therapy for the Earth. Last month, I got a sample of "Clean + Green" Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner for Kitty. Just in time, because we just moved to a new place with white carpets and got a new fancy, fancy couch and parents were a bit afraid about pet messes. We are usually very clean kitties so we do not have many messes, and we can say that this guy cleaned my sister's hairball mess from our white carpet very nicely! Both paws up! Best of all it is all-natural, eco-friendly, and pet safe. We had problems before finding a spray can that is eco-friendly and does a good job like the harsh chemicals, and this does even better. :)

Now for the giveaway - the company (who is very very nice!) is letting me host a giveaway of one product from the Clean + Green collection for kitties - there is a carpet cleaner, litterbox cleaner, floor cleaner, and more. Because I am a Therapy Cat, I decided to do the rules like this:

1- comment on my post and tell one good therapy work (anything like helping your human get through a tough situation, or going to see other humans) you have done in your 9 lives and put your bloggy link or your email.
2- on June 1, I will pick a winner. I am sure all of you have done good therapy work so it will be tough!
3- I will tell Clean + Green your contact info and you will get your giveaway prize!

Good luck everyone :)




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