Sleep-Away Camp

Hello kitties,
First, do NOT forget to vote for me (I am cat #4 because monday is the last day!)

Today was a very very event-full day for me because I gotted to go to the Sleep-Away camp! It was about 40 minutes of a drive from our house. I do not like the drive much so both my parents came with me and mommie held me on her lap the whole way there. I meowed a lot.

At the camp, I went in my stroller with the tops down and the children petted me. I wore my green camp hoodie but I took it off when it got warm out. Mommie wore a green sweater to match! There were children of all ages at the camp. I got to be petted by small children and also older children.

There was also another therapy pet there, a doggie named Duncan who is from our Therapy Group. And also, another therapy doggie named Abby who is a long-haired chihuaua from a town nearby. Abby was giving out trading cards to the children with her photo on them! I really want to get some of those for myself, so we talked to Uncle S. and he said we can do that if he gets a great camera to borrow. Also, Abby has a brother who is a Therapy Cat just like me! Abby's mom said that in Delta there are less than 200 therapy cats registered in the entire US. I think more of you kitties should become therapy cats.
I met a lot of different children who all told me some things about themselves, like what is their favorite animal and whether they like cats. Everyone liked cats, of course!
Then we went inside of the lodge and I explored in there, that was where the children were having "Journaling" class. There was a Giant Bear sitting there but it was Not Real.
The rest of the time, I was outside visiting with everyone. The children were going on a climbing wall and I thought this looked very cool. I stayed for 2 whole hours. I got a LOT of treats because mommie lets EVERY boy or girl who pets me give me a treat! I did not do any tricks though because there were lots of distractions being in the out-of-doors.

Then I got invited to a special group for young widows which meets every other Monday. They bring their children, and I will be visiting with the children during the therapy class. I think I could probably teach a therapy class (remember I have got a Harvard T-Shirt!) but for now I will just be playing with the children and letting them pet me. The next time is already this Monday! So I will be going. Mommie says first though that I need a B-A-T-H. Yuck!
I had a great time at the camp! I am definitely coming next year and Mommie says then we can maybe sleep-away because I will be a lot more older and mature.


Trip Report - Visiting the Nursing Home

Hello kitties,

Yesterday afternoon I visitated my nursing home. I really like to visit the nursing home because everyone is very happy to see me there. Yesterday we spent an entire hour at the nursing home. First, we were in the main lobby and we saw some of the people. One lady kneew I was coming and even saved me some ham from her lunch!!! Woah. I was very flatterated. But I did not want to eat it because it was not the kind of temptashions I like to eat when I go to the nursing home.

I let everyone pet me. And also, I gave some people a high five. They really enjoyed that a lot.

Then, we went from room to room and saw some of the people who did not have energies to come out and see me. A lot of people were very very happy that I was there.

I rode in my stroller. In fact, I just laid down in there and mommie opened up the tops and front, and I watched all around when I got strollered down the hallways. I hung my paws off the front part to get some more relaxation even.

I do not have any photos because of confi-dentiality but I post a photo of my cousin Missy, who definitely DEFINITELY would never like to be a therapy cat. She is very shy. And kind of mean.

Tomorrow I head to the Sleep Away Camp! Stay tuned for my mancat Monday post all about it...



Yesterday was a Mancat Monday

Hi kitties,
Yesterday for Mancat Monday I did a lot of things. In specifical, I was busy from about 5pm until all the way to 8:30 pm!!! I was practicing and visitating the entire time. First, mommie took me to grandparent's house where we had some dinner. I already ate at home though so I just explored around. We also took the kitty stroller, so then we went for a walk all around grandparents' neighborhood with mombean and grandma. Grandpa did not come with us because he was 'mbarrassed by our strollering!! Anyways, my granmda knows all the human children in the neighborhood so she introduced me to all of them! They all liked petting me. After that we got back home and chilled for a while. Then our Uncle S. called and we came over to his house because it is just across the street and hanged out there, because my dadbean was over there working on a computer. After that, we came home and I finally got to relax. I was really yaaawning a lot by the end of the night!
PS Don't forget to VOTE for me, I am #4 at the PetSmart Contest!
PPS Don't forget to check back in on Friday, Thursday afternoon we are visiting a Nursing Home!



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