Yesterday was a Mancat Monday

Hi kitties,
Yesterday for Mancat Monday I did a lot of things. In specifical, I was busy from about 5pm until all the way to 8:30 pm!!! I was practicing and visitating the entire time. First, mommie took me to grandparent's house where we had some dinner. I already ate at home though so I just explored around. We also took the kitty stroller, so then we went for a walk all around grandparents' neighborhood with mombean and grandma. Grandpa did not come with us because he was 'mbarrassed by our strollering!! Anyways, my granmda knows all the human children in the neighborhood so she introduced me to all of them! They all liked petting me. After that we got back home and chilled for a while. Then our Uncle S. called and we came over to his house because it is just across the street and hanged out there, because my dadbean was over there working on a computer. After that, we came home and I finally got to relax. I was really yaaawning a lot by the end of the night!
PS Don't forget to VOTE for me, I am #4 at the PetSmart Contest!
PPS Don't forget to check back in on Friday, Thursday afternoon we are visiting a Nursing Home!



  1. The Island Cats said...

    Fig, you sure had a busy you slept all night!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

    pee ess. we voted for you!  

  2. Quasi said...

    I am so envious about the strollering. Our human female likes the idea, but my human Steve says he'd be embarassed, too.  

  3. Tybalt said...

    I bet you needed a nap after all of that, Fig! You were one busy mancat!  


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