Trip Report - Visiting the Nursing Home

Hello kitties,

Yesterday afternoon I visitated my nursing home. I really like to visit the nursing home because everyone is very happy to see me there. Yesterday we spent an entire hour at the nursing home. First, we were in the main lobby and we saw some of the people. One lady kneew I was coming and even saved me some ham from her lunch!!! Woah. I was very flatterated. But I did not want to eat it because it was not the kind of temptashions I like to eat when I go to the nursing home.

I let everyone pet me. And also, I gave some people a high five. They really enjoyed that a lot.

Then, we went from room to room and saw some of the people who did not have energies to come out and see me. A lot of people were very very happy that I was there.

I rode in my stroller. In fact, I just laid down in there and mommie opened up the tops and front, and I watched all around when I got strollered down the hallways. I hung my paws off the front part to get some more relaxation even.

I do not have any photos because of confi-dentiality but I post a photo of my cousin Missy, who definitely DEFINITELY would never like to be a therapy cat. She is very shy. And kind of mean.

Tomorrow I head to the Sleep Away Camp! Stay tuned for my mancat Monday post all about it...




  1. Parker said...

    Fig - I did vote for you and I remain so proud that you are able to make beans smile and feel better!  

  2. Daisy said...

    Oh Fig, I knew that more and more people would come to look forward to your visits! I wish I could do what you do. But I am too scairt.  

  3. The Island Cats said...

    Fig, we think it is so kool that you go and visit the people in the nursing home. You are doing such a good thing! We wish we could do something like that but we're not sure we'd like all the people...well, maybe Ernie would like it...

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey  

  4. whatloknows said...

    Figaro- you are such a good therapy kitty. We love you.

    Mom bean just went over and voted for you!!!!!

    High paw 5.

    -wlk crew.  

  5. thercattrainer said...

    Dear Veronica and Fig,

    Thank you for posting about Princess Sugar Pie on your "Shout out to Princess Sugar Pie" blog! She was thrilled about that. I'm so glad that Fig is doing so well as a Registered Therapy Cat. That really makes Princess Sugar Pie so proud. Please tell your feline friends to vote for Princess Sugar Pie in "Bissell's 2009 MVP" pet contest. Just visit Princess Sugar Pie's website at and click on her Blog which is underneath Figs to cast your vote. Princess Sugar Pie wants to thank you for her vote. Got to go now. Love and Purrs,

    Your Friends,

    Jim & Princess Sugar Pie  


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