A Thanksgiving Nursing Home Visit

Hi kitties,

This morning I visited the Nursing Home. I am very happy to visit and share Thanksgiving thankses and happies. I had a good time. However the Nursing Home forgotted that I would be visiting, so nobody was sitting out in the lobby (AGAIN!) so we just only visited the people who normally come to visit in the lobby, but we wented to everyone's room. I also gave out some Thanksgiving presents. I gave out photos of myself that my Uncle S. took that look very, very good. I am looking very nice in it, and there are some flowers. Everyone was very happy to get a photo like that because they think I am very beuuuutiful. They are also going to put up my photo on a special bulletin board next to my name, so everyone can see who I am when I come to visitate.

Love and kisses,


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