Mancat Monday - I am the Ferocious

I am a ferocious mancat-in-training, check out my teeths! They are very sharp, and also squeaky clean because Mombean makes us get brushings every week.

Lately there is no news about therapy cat trainings, although like normal I visitated the grandparent beans for dinner on Sunday. Mamaw taught the grandpa bean to call "come" and I will come. He thinked it is hi-la-rious that I am so smarts. Hello, I am a mancat-in-trainings, does he thinks I am stoopeed?

Also, Mamaw saw her friend again who will tell her if there is any therapy pet club still at the university. There is no newses about it but she thinked that it still exists so if it does we are going to be joining it.

Finally, our friend Chauncey's mom said I could visitate their house for my practicings so I might do that laters. They also have a puppee named Lexie and a kidbean there. I am a little nervous about the puppee but the puppee and Chauncey gets alongs so I must be okay too. Mombean said the visit will be great practicings for me.


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