My sister Veronica

Hi Kitties,

Tomorrow I have a visit and my older sister Veronica is going to come with me. She is very, very shy so it will be an adventure for her. We will bring our whole family out on this visit so that she will feel safe. My mommie is coming, of course, and also my mommie's parents I. and S. And also, probably my uncle S. and a few of my mommie's friends. She is going to wear her new paw-print leash that mommie got her and we will have to share my stroller. I think she will probably make a lot of hisses. Wish us luck!

And today we play outside

Hi Kitties,

This weekend was super relaxing for me. I hung out at home all the days and did a lot of sleeping. My mommie was out of town for the weekend. I was a very good boy and did not scratch on any furniture like I sometimes do. Plus, my mommie stayed at a bed & breakfast for her vacation so she brought us back a homemade breakfast sausage. It was very delicious.
This evening after mommie gets home from work we are going to work outside on the garden. We will be eating some grass (and throwing it up later).
Love, Figaro


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