What an egg-siting Mancat Monday!

Today there were a lot of things to report regarding my Trainings. First, this afternoon I went with mom-bean to grandma-bean's house (I have 3 grandma-beans fyi's). This grandma-bean is the one I always go for dinner on Sundays but we didn't have it because the other grandparents beans were in town so all the beans had dinner "out" or something. Anyways so today we went to see that grandma-bean, and she babysits a baby-bean during the day. It is a very nice baby-bean. It is a girl named Y. Y is 10 months of old exactly like me. I did not minded her. I needed to practice being around childrens and she was the only small bean we knows about that I can visitate. This is the second time that I have visitated her, and the first time she did not wanted to come close. But today she scritched me on the bottom. She had tiny paws. And if I stretch out we are almost the same lengths. I can't post any picks because of privacies.

Also, this evening Mombean went to the Therapy Club! They had a meeting and this is the first meeting she's gone to. They are having a testings in June and they will let us know if I can participate or if I has to wait until another month after that even though I was borned sometime in July. So I am not 1 years old yet and the rule is to be 1 years old before you can do anything. So mombean is going to go check out the book at the library for trainings because they said it was there and I am going to work on the trainings for at least another month and maybe mores. I am the only therapy cat who will be joining that club, everyone else is doggies. But that is o.k. because I am way more mature than doggies plus I am so much fluffier.


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