Mancat Monday - My First HIss

To preface: I have never hissified before in my lifes. And Sunday I did not feel like going to grandma's house, because it was so nice outside and I enjoyed the fresh airs at home instead. So then later in the evenings we went over to our other grandparents house and they have a cat named Missy. She hissifies at me all the time anytime we goes over there. Anyway we goed over there every week also for a long time now and usually I just ignore her and hang out somewheres else. Or else I sits and looks at her. But yesterday Mamaw was watching me sit and look at her again and she picked me up and I looked at Missy and I HISSED at that kitteh!!! This is my first hiss ever. Mamaw was beginning to think maybe I do not knows how to hiss, only meow. She was so surprised. I have a very loud mancat hiss so I am proud of that. But Missy did not seem scared. Here is a photo of me yawning instead of hissing because we didn't catch my hiss on camera.


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