My First Therapy Cat Visit

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was my very, very first therapy cat visit. We went to the Nursing Home. It was very exciting and I will tell all the details. To get ready for the visit, I had to get a grooming. My mommie inspected my nails and cut them short and then I got FURMINATED. Look how many hairs came off of me onto the special furmination rug. Then it had to be vacuumed.
Then I had to put on my harness. It is a special harness for kitties. I usually wear it when I go out on my leash for walks, but today it was extra special because we had to put on the Delta Society ID tag on it. My sister Veronica sniffed me all over to make sure I am clean and gave me some lickings. Then we were finally ready to go.
First, we arrived at the Nursing Home. It was about 1o minutes drive from our house. I do not like drives but this one was okay because I was so happy to be going to get petted by so many nice people. We taked our stroller with us because it is my special visiting taxi.

When we got out of the car mommie got the stroller all ready and put me in it. Then we strollered over from the parking lot to the building. I have some pictures here of me outside in my stroller. Unfortunately we could not take any pictures of the people I visited because that is confi-dential. So you just have to see me in my stroller on the outside of the Nursing Home. You can see my ear felt itchy yesterday so I had it tucked back funny. I looked almost like my friend Mimmy who is a scottish fold on one side!

In order to be a therapy cat, you have to bring a photocopy of your most current vaccination records from the V-E-T, so we gave that to the receptionist. Then we sat down to wait because we were a little bit early in case we didn't find where it was.

Then on the intercom they announced "Figaro is going to be in the lobby in 15 minutes." I got very excited because they said my name over a LOUDSPEAKER. They said it again three more times and then finally they said "Figaro is in the lobby and you can visit with him for 30 minutes."

Then we went to the lobby and mommie opened up the tops of my stroller and picked me up. The residents all made a circle in the lobby and they were sitting in chairs and wheelchairs. I think there were 15-20 residents who were all very happy to see me. I like to be the center of attentions! Mommie held me up in the middle of the circle and told everyone that I am Figaro and that I am a special therapy cat who is one years of old. They wanted to know if I am a special breed and in fact I am from the shelter and I am an american domestic medium-long hair cat. That just means I am not any special breed but I like that because I am very cute no matter what. Then they asked if I am available for adoptions and Mommie said definitely NOT! Then she explained that I live with her in our house with my sister Veronica. A lot of people wanted to know if I liked being petted and Mommie said that I love it. She explained that I go in my stroller and if I am not being petted I meow. Then when she put the top up and nobody petted me for a minute of course I started meowing. The residents thinked this is funny, because I stopped meowing once my next visitor petted me!
Some people told me about the cats they had with them when they were little, which was good to hear about. And also they told me I am very soft and nice. Some people thought I was a girl and not a MANCAT but we explained I am a boy that is why my stroller is BLUE and my harness.

Then we strollered around with my open stroller to everyone in turns and everyone gotted to pet me one at a time. I liked being petted but I did not purr yet I think because I was a little nervous to be in a new spot. THEN after that we went in the center again with the stroller opened and I showed off my tricks! Mommie had me do "High Five" and "Sit Up". When I do "Sit Up" I look a little bit like a squirrel because of my furry tail. The residents all went "wooo". I was very good. Mommie was surprised thatI was willing to do my tricks since it was in a new place, but I felt very safe in my stroller. I am glad that I got it because at the beginning of the visit I got put on some laps and I did not like that so much since I made a very small Hiss. Then I went back to my stroller so from now on Mommie said I can just visit from my stroller.
After that, you can see we went back to the car and mommie put me down while she folded up the stroller. Here I am checking out what is under the car. Then AFTER that I got to go to great-grandma's house. Here is me relaxing at her place. She feeds me a LOT of goodies. Mommie left to make a grocery store errand and while she was gone great-grandma fed me lots of cheese and also milk. It was very delicious although Mommie told great-grandma probably not to feed me that stuff next time.


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