Getting ready for the Howl-idays

Hi Kitties,

This past few weeks I did not have any work because it all starts NEXT WEEK! I have 3 Nursing Home visits and one library visit next week. I am getting excited because I will be giving out my special Holiday Cards to everyone who will visit me. My mom helped make them using Photoshop and Snapfish. I will also be visiting for the FIRST time at one of these nursing homes, and I have even got 2 visits in one day! A morning nursing home visit and an afternoon library visit. I hope I have enough cards for everyone, I think I will because I printed out 50. I hope everyone I visit will have a good holidays, and I think my visits will make them happy. I will be giving out a lot of purrs and cuddles this holiday season!

Just to get everyone in the spirit of the holidays, here is me last year on my Very First Holidays with my Christmas/Hannukah present (it was a kitty movie and some catnip). I was just 1/2 a year old. I think I look very small compared to now. I was not a Therapy Cat then yet because I was too little. But I was already practicing, going to meet new people every week and learning high-fives.

This year I was a very good kitty so I hope I will get the present from Santa I am really wishing for, which is some spray-catnip. I think that kind will be very nice since I can just spray it on stuff and then rub on it! Right now my sister Veronica and I share one Christmas stocking but I think Santa will understand and put some catnip for me in that stocking. I am also wishing that I will get to hear a lot of good Christmas and Hannukah stories from the children at the library. I think there are a lot of good books that are about the holidays. I am a kitty so I don't go to any church, but I definitely like to play by our holiday tree and get catnip from Santa!

I also may be going to an assisted living community soon. They have monthly health check-ups, and the nurses think it might be a nice idea if I come for the check-up too so after their check-up they can be cheered up by some nice Purrs from me.




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