Our Pet

Hi Kitties,

I want to introduce you all to G-nesha. G-nesha is our new vole who lives in our windowsill. He is very cute and we like to watch him. You will notice that G-nesha is very fat, also. I think he eats bugs and also pieces of plants that we planted last year. In the spring G-nesha ate the entire screen of the window so that had to be removed. Our cousin Missy briefly considered catching and eating G-nesha but we would not let her. The neighbor cat also tried to get G-nesha but we made a lot of hisses and we did not let him get G-nesha.

Yesterday I had a great time at the Nursing Home. I rubbed on everyone's legs and wished them Happy, Happy Thanksgiving. My favorite friend R.A. was there and she was so happy to see me. Also, my friend H. was there who can't see, she likes to reach out her arms for me and I get petted. I like all my friends very much.




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