Library TO-MORROW!


An entire paragraph about me on the library website today!

"The weather outside may be frightful, but the library will be a warm and delightful place for children to read to Figaro, the Caring Paws cat, and several therapy dogs on Saturday, January 23. They will be eagerly waiting for children to read to them. Children may bring favorite books from home or choose some in the children’s department when they arrive at the library."

I cannot wait to go tomorrow!

We also got a crate for the car for the trips to Chicago - one of the puppies on our club outgrew it and our friend J. was giving it away. It is really big and both my sister and I will fit in it. Parents are going to set it up to connect to the seat-belts in the back and pad it on the inside with warm furry blanket. We will be traveling in style!




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