Mr. Figaro's appearance requested

Hi Kitties,

I have been very busy lately. Recently I got a phone call requesting my therapy cat service at another Nursing Home. The specialist thinks I will be very important. I am very hesitant to take more work though since I will be moving soon, but I am going to think about it! Also, one of my current Nursing Homes organizers called today and told my Mommie that some of my visitors ONLY come to see me and they do not like to do any other activities. She said that the families of my visitors are very surprised that they love me so much! I am very glad to bring so much happies to everyone! I can't wait to go hand out my Holiday cards to everyone next week. :)

Yesterday, it snowed. I like to watch the snow, but G-nesha has gone to hibernation (our vole). We will have to wait for G-nesha until the spring when he comes back out. I have not gone outside because it is very cold. I like to watch outside though!




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