Visiting the Nursing Home

Hi Kitties,

Yesterday I visited my Nursing Home. Here you can see me in my kitty carseat on the way to my job. It was a lot of fun to see my good friends, and I even met new friends. For the first part I let everyone pet me and then I walked around and finally I just lay down on the floor and relaxed. Everyone liked looking at me. I was a very good kitty and did a lot of high fives. For next time my mom is going to bring my podium and I will do some twirls, sit-ups, and double high fives, I only do those on my podium.
Also, after my AAT visit (Animal Assisted Therapy) some of the residents go to do yoga. This morning my mommie found out that it is with the same yoga instructor who teaches her class at the gym! He said we should join him for yoga sometime. I am not sure if I would be good at yoga, I do not think I would like to do some of the moves, like "downward-facing dog" or "bird of paradise". But for humans it is great for relaxation and flexibility. (PS, my mommie does the "bird of paradise" very well but I do not think she is a bird!).
My next Nursing Home visit is Thursday, I can't wait!


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