Mancat Monday - My New Middle Name

Hello kitties,

This evening I visited the grief group. It is for young widows but children come to the other room and I visited the children. I was there for 1 hour. A lot of kids wanted to push me around in the stroller so we went around and around the room. Then I did some high-fives and got a lot - and I mean LOT - of treats. This was very good. I made quite a few friends, my new friends.

For the big news today - my new friend S. wanted to know if I had a middle name. Mommie said that I did not so she asked me what is my favorite color. I did not tell Mommie but I told my new friend that it is blue. So she said that my middle name can be Blueberry. I think I like that middle name very much - Figaro Blueberry. By the way that is my friend S. pushing me in my stroller!

Take care kitties,



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