Mancat Monday - My New Middle Name

Hello kitties,

This evening I visited the grief group. It is for young widows but children come to the other room and I visited the children. I was there for 1 hour. A lot of kids wanted to push me around in the stroller so we went around and around the room. Then I did some high-fives and got a lot - and I mean LOT - of treats. This was very good. I made quite a few friends, my new friends.

For the big news today - my new friend S. wanted to know if I had a middle name. Mommie said that I did not so she asked me what is my favorite color. I did not tell Mommie but I told my new friend that it is blue. So she said that my middle name can be Blueberry. I think I like that middle name very much - Figaro Blueberry. By the way that is my friend S. pushing me in my stroller!

Take care kitties,



  1. Daisy said...

    It is very neat that you got to be pushed all around in your stroller. And I think Figaro Blueberry is a very excellent name. Blueberries are very good for you, just like you!  

  2. The Island Cats said...

    Hi Fig! We like your middle name too! We hope you don't get sick from eating all your treats...but it's nice that you got a lot!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey  

  3. The Furry Kids said...

    Fig, your therapy adventures are so exciting!  


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