Happy Magical Christmas!

Dear kitties,
We wish you a Merry Christmas! Here is a photo of the Marshall Fields Christmas display in Chicago. It is very magical and I like it a lot. I have been having a good christmas vacation with my family. I love my family so much! They feed me and cuddle me and I cuddle them right back. I am so happy during the holidays to have so many loving people in my life. We did not get any presents yet because Santa Paws is coming to our place on the 27th this year. Sometimes he comes late.
I almost forgot to post about my pre-Christmas Nursing Home visit. On accident my mommie got all the dates mixed up, and so we were not on the schedule. Since I already arrived, they asked us to do some room to room visiting. I visited all my favorite friends, and then we stopped in a new friend's room, her name was M. M. was very upset about something and she was calling for someone, but as soon as we came in the room M. started cooing at me and told me I am an angel, and she forgot that she was upset! I stayed with her for about 20 minutes and she looked at me but she did not want to pet me. She told my mommie to keep me very safe and not let me run away in the big hallways of the Nursing Home, and my mommie explained that I am on my special leash. I was very glad to make someone feel better like that, and it is one of the biggest reasons I am a Therapy Cat!
Love you all, and happy happy christmas,


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