My Family and Our Golden Goat

Hi Kitties,

Last week I had a great time with my cat sitter Mr. Figuero (yes, it is true!) while Mommie was away, staying on Figueroa street (yes, yes, it is true again). I am so famous. Meow!

My mommy brought us back a golden goat trophy, because she won #3 overall in a drawing contest. It is a special contest where you can draw for 20 minutes and include the logo of the company and there is a theme. Do you see the drawing? Can you spot the logo of the company in the drawing? What do you think is the theme?

We also got back lots of swag from the conference mommie was at. One cool thing is a free mousepad. My sister is sitting next to it waiting for a mouse to come and then she will pounce.




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