Hi Kitties,
Welcome to my virtual birthday party. There is food, treats, catnip and games for everyone! This morning we got tons of food and catnip!
PS I am 3 years old!

Birthday Tomorrow!

Hello Kitties,

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! I am very excited. I am turning 3 years old. I swear, the older I get, the more fluffier gets my tail - check it out! Meowza!

My mom is out working ALL DAY today and tomorrow so all the fun will be held right here on this bloggy. There will be free food, drinks, catnip favours for all the guests.

I also wanted to share about my friends Faustine and Lux out on the West Coast. They got pet HENS! Their hens are so cool, and lay eggs. Although, the last few days they have gotten a bout of hen-o-pause and there were no eggs to be had. These hens are so cute.

Stay tuned for the birthday fun!


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