Some extra Training

Hello Kitties,

Today I did some extra Training for my therapy cat volunteering. We went with mommie and dadbean with me on daddy's shoulder around a few blocks in our neighborhood. Then we met 3 nice little girls and they all were like, "ooooh a kitty" (that is ME!). So Mommie tolded them they could pet me and they petted me for a while and said I was soft. I was super polite. Then we went home.

I am hoping I will get to do my therapy works soon, but we didn't hear back yet about end of july.


We got a call back from our friend who is in the pet therapy club with us, and we might be going to the Nursing Home on July 30th. I am keeping my hopes way, way up and crossing my paws that we will be allowed to go. The club thinks we can probably go but they had to contacts the Nursing Home to find if they have special rules about cats. It will be a special treat for my BIRTHDAY (coming up on July 22nd!!!) that I will gets to go!



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