Moving and looking for therapy groups

Hey Kitties,

I need to decide soon about what kind of therapy work I will be doing in Chicago (and also, I need to ask parents WHEN we are actually moving already). We contacted a few therapy groups out there but they were DOGS-ONLY so we have to keep looking.

Some things I will be sad to leave behind when we move... all my extended family, my nursing home friends, my library reading friends, and my pet mole G'nesha who lives in the windowsill. I think we will get another nice new windowsill in Chicago, but maybe with less birds outside. I also hope to meet lots of new people to visit! And I can come back on weekends to see my friends at the Nursing Home, since I am a good car rider.


We love happy endings!

Hi everyone,

As you know I was adopted from a shelter, and I am so happy when animals receive happy homes! I also support Spay, Neuter Release programs to control the pet population.

Today, I learned in my email that PetSmart charities has helped adopt the 4 millionth pet! Chloe is a mixed-breed puppy who was adopted in New Jersey and there is a party going on for her on the PetSmart website.

I feel very happy to be invited to this party. :)

PS - thanks all for the tips about tooth brushing. So far I have settled on some malt flavour toothpaste and a blue toothbrush with rubber duckie stickers on it. I also got some all-natural dental treats which I liked a little too much because I got through the entire bag overnight, even though my mommie thought she hid it in the cupboard.



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