Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello My Darling Turkeys,

I wish you a happy, happy Thanksgiving! My sister and I celebrated Thanksgiving with our whole family, and on Monday I am going to my Nursing Home to spread Thanksgiving wishes over there. We got to eat a lot of Turkey, and then my mom also fed us some Tofurkey, which everyone says tastes like real Turkey but blechh we did not like it! Instead we ate real turkey with lots of gravy, and there are leftovers for the entire week. :) 

Here are some things I am very, very thankful for this year:

1. Being with our family our apaa for this holiday
2. Being able to visit people and help them feel happier through my purrs and cuddles
3. Having a wonderful mommie who loves us
4. Having so many friends who follow my bloggy and leave such nice comments!
5. Having a lot of delicious foods and having a warm bed where we can sleep and purr
6. Our new pet who we named G'nesha. He is a really awesome vole who lives in our windowsill. 

Love and giblets,

Visiting the Library

Hi Kitties,

This weekend I had an excellent visit to the library! My mommie made a scrapbook of my photos since I was a baby, with interesting things written about my life, and the kids at the library got to read it. They liked that very much.
Also, some funny news. My mommie has to go get s-h-o-t-s because it is a new requirement that both me and her get shots for me to visit the Nursing Home! She hates shots but she is going to have to do it, because visiting the Nursing Home is one of my favorite things.
I plan to have a lot of TURKEY this week (how about you??) !!!
Figgie Pudding


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