Visiting the Library

Hi Kitties,

This weekend I had an excellent visit to the library! My mommie made a scrapbook of my photos since I was a baby, with interesting things written about my life, and the kids at the library got to read it. They liked that very much.
Also, some funny news. My mommie has to go get s-h-o-t-s because it is a new requirement that both me and her get shots for me to visit the Nursing Home! She hates shots but she is going to have to do it, because visiting the Nursing Home is one of my favorite things.
I plan to have a lot of TURKEY this week (how about you??) !!!
Figgie Pudding


  1. Angel and Kirby said...

    Flu shots? Interesting! We will have a lot of turkey, too  

  2. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    Shots? Eww...  

  3. Cheyenne -Millie said...

    We are sorry your mom has to get shots! Yikes!! I hate shots!

    But I loves Turkey!! I will think of you when I eat some of that Turkey!!  

  4. The Island Cats said...

    Hi Fig! We haven't visited lately so we're happy to see you are still doing your visits to the nursing home and the library! We bet the kids loved seeing your scrap book!

    We think we're getting some turkey this week...but the best thing will be the whipped cream!!  


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