The excited of Mancats for Volunt-eering

I am the excited of mancats-in-training this coming weekend. I am getting my job soon. I have my briefcase ready and I am all ready to go. I have put on my mancat tie, which is Target Pet Couture (the only brand I wear, it is the most styling). Of course I am still in training, but Mombean will be going on Sunday to watch the trainings of the therapy club and learn about what kinds of testings I will have to go through before I can get my job. Of course the testing is not until my 1 years birthday when I become a MANCAT. That is in July. But I can already start getting ready I think. I have been very good lately with the word "come" and now I come to Mombean whenever she calls me. I come when she calls "Come, Figaro" and incidentally I also come when she calls "Come, Veronica" because I know either way there are treats nearby! I can't wait for my job of volun-teering. It sounds very cool, like mountain-eering or orient-eering. A very prestigious job for ANY mancat!!!

Mancat Monday - I did the errands

This weekend was a very 'ventful weekend for me. I had a lot of events. And on Tuesday is the Petsmart Birthday Party and I am SO going to it.

Here is what we did this weekend. As usual on Sunday I visitated grandma for dinner and also had some matzo for the Over-Pass holidays. It was not very good. I prefer the chickun instead. We didn't do anything special for the Over-Pass like I expected.

Also on Saturday I went with Mombean to do some errands. I am a good car-sitter. Mombean said if I was good she would buy many good foods, so we went to the grocer store and she buyed us like 10 pounds of meats. She cutted it up and putted it in the freezer for a longs time. Then she tooked me to the Wal of Mart because she needed some hangars for spring organizing. She tolded me it appears she has waaayyy too many clothes so she is not allow to go do the shoppings anymore. I offered to pee on her clothes so she wouldn't have so many nice ones but she said nos.

Finally, in the BESTEST news ever, we finded a therapy club!!! I will be a therapy cat afterall. First, we founded out about the university club but they said only vets-in-training can be in that club. I tolded mombean to tell them that I am a MANCAT-in-training which is much more cools but they were not up for this. However they recommended another club that is in our town, Caring Paws! We are so excited. Mombean wrote the lady in charges an email real quick and they are having a testing in the end of April that the lady said mombean can come to. The testing is to get certified to be a real therapy-cat. Mombean is gonna go to learn about the trainings that I still needs to do before the testing. Also, they haves a meeting in May that she is going to go to. However they tolded me that I have to wait until I am a REAL MANCAT and that is not until July. After that I can have my testing, and then I can visitate anyplace I want. The club visitates places every weeks! It will be a very busy time for me next fall when I go visitating. But I am excited because laying around being lazy is getting a little bit boring. Mind you, it is only a LITTLE bit boring, this does not mean that I will stopped being lazy.


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