The excited of Mancats for Volunt-eering

I am the excited of mancats-in-training this coming weekend. I am getting my job soon. I have my briefcase ready and I am all ready to go. I have put on my mancat tie, which is Target Pet Couture (the only brand I wear, it is the most styling). Of course I am still in training, but Mombean will be going on Sunday to watch the trainings of the therapy club and learn about what kinds of testings I will have to go through before I can get my job. Of course the testing is not until my 1 years birthday when I become a MANCAT. That is in July. But I can already start getting ready I think. I have been very good lately with the word "come" and now I come to Mombean whenever she calls me. I come when she calls "Come, Figaro" and incidentally I also come when she calls "Come, Veronica" because I know either way there are treats nearby! I can't wait for my job of volun-teering. It sounds very cool, like mountain-eering or orient-eering. A very prestigious job for ANY mancat!!!


  1. Tybalt said...

    Oh, Figaro, you look very dashing and professional! I am very excited for you. =^_^=  

  2. Daisy said...

    Fig, you are so cute with your little tie and briefcase. I am very proud of you!  

  3. goldenshade said...

    That is such a great job that you do Fig!!

    That sounds like lots of fun. The PM used to work in a Adolescent Psychiatric Unit and had therapy pets in for visits. That was always a fun day!

    Have a good time on the job!

    ~Goldie and Shade  


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