Mommie went Shadowing

Yesterday mommie went shadowing for me to find out what place will be a good fit for my volunteering. I cannot go yet because I have not received my paperwork!

She went to our hospital to the rehab unit and she talked with the Recreational Therapist. Also another team with a dog went with her to show her around and the dog was a greyhound named Cordial who is exactly my coloring! Well, I has more white but she is buff and white too.

All the patients said they would like to see me there next time because they like kitties, and soon I will be going there! We decided it was a good place for a mancat like me because it is a very relaxing environment but I will be very useful for helping people who had strokes get regained mobility by petting me! I love to be petted so it will be fun for me too.

I am extremely eggsited about all of this.

Also, parents may go to the petstore tonight to get us a fish for the pond!


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