My First MANCAT-Monday

Hello all!

Today is my first Mancat monday, since my birthday was last week. It is also my mommie's birthday.

And guess WHAT? Our kitty stroller came in the mails over the weekend!!! The parents took me for a ride in it yesterday evening and it was very very fun. We went around some blocks and by the pond near our house. I liked to sit in it and watch everything. We took some pictures but they are not on the 'puter yet.

And guess what ELSE? We got contacted by our friend at the Pet Therapy Club and she said we can arrangify a visit for me on Thursdays for the Nursing Home! This is very exciting. It will not be to visit patient rooms because I am a kitty and so the rules are I have to visit in the Lobby. That is okay. Mommie called the Nursing Home Right Away to arrange a time but we had to leave a message. Soon I will be going. This is a great news for my first MANCAT monday.


- Figaro


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