Practis Run

Last night I did a practice run of my testings. I visitated Lexie who is a doggie. I likes Lexie's owner who is a 5 years of old kid bean, and she visitated me before and gave me Temptashuns, but I do NOT likes Lexie!! Plus there was another kitteh there named Chauncey and I do not likes her either. At first when we gotted there I was a little nervous and I digged my claws into mom-bean's shoulder (good thing I wears claw-caps!). But then I let Lexie's bean hold me and that was nice, so I do not mind strange beans. Then, Lexie kept barking. Lexie is a small yippy doggie. So then I hissified at her!! And I hissified at Chauncey! I am a good hisser after all. But that was not a good thing so Mombean made us go outside for a while and then we tried again with the same results. Finally mombean said okay and instead Lexie and me (on mommie's shoulder) took a walk outside. We walked for a while and Lexie was on a leash and I kept watching her but did not hiss. Lexie pee'd a lot on the walk. I would NEVER pee while I am out in public! I use the TOILET! Yuck! After that we went home. I guess this visit went okay but I am worried I will not pass the test now because I couldn't help it that I hissed at Lexie! I just did not like her! Mom hopes that I will realized from the meeting that even though we seed a doggie nothing bad happened so I should not be worried. I also learned that the doggie who will be at my testing is a greyhound and he does not barks. I hope that will helps.

Yeeepppp - mom sed it is time for my B-A-T-H now. I have to be clean and nice for my testings on Sunday. Saturday will be a resting-day in preperations.

Are you wondering why there is no photos lately?? We do not have our top of laps, it got sended away for fixings. So we have to use a borrowed one and we do not knows how to connects the camera. But it will be back nekst week and we will postify photos then!

Getting ready for the eggzam

Mombean checked out the book on getting my therapy cat license at the library yesterday and it tells all the steps I has to take. First, there is two EGGZAMS. The first one is to see how I reacts to people and the second one is to see how CLEAN I am!!! I can't shed during the eggzam. This will be very hard because I sheds all the time. They will checks my nose, my ears, my whiskars, my paws, everyplace! Mombean says I better get a baths tomorrow to pre-pare. And I has to allowed the volunteers to holded me. And there will be loud noises and volunteers in wheelchairs that I has to remains calm and collected around. Also, I can't MEOW. That is called a vo-cal-ization. This will be hard because I likes to meow when I talks to mombean or dadbean or Veronica.

But...the worstest part...after the eggzam and within 60 days I have to goes for a V-E-T checkup!!! I hate the V-E-T. On top of that, I has to get a fecal sample tested!!! Yuck. There is a special eggzam the V-E-T has to do and filled out a piece of paper that certificates me.

Tonight I will be going to Lexie's house who is a doggie. I never visitated her before although mombean said she is ver cuuute and wears little pink bowses in her hairs. She is also my size only. But she likes to barks. Anyawy I will be at her house practicipating for my eggzam. I will let you knows how that goes laters.

There is big news in my life. Even though I am not a mancat until July, I am allowings to test early for my Therapy Cat Licence. I am very eggsited. The testing is scheduled for this Sunday, June 8th. I will be the last of the testers at the end of the day. I am a little bit nervous but for cats the rules are not as hard as for dogs so I will not be having to show any of my tricks or use the TOILET.

Here is what I will be having to do. I will be having to let other peoples hold me. And I will have to be polite and good. And I will also have to interact with a woman, a man, and a dog. The dog part scares me but of course I am a strong, strong mancat so I will be fine.

Mombean is having to take a written eggzam. I am glad I don't have to take that eggzam!! Because I do not have opposable thumbs so it is hard for me to write with a pen-sill. But it is easy to write with a computar.

Wish me lucks!!!

If I do not passed i have to take a RETAKE on October!!!


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