Practis Run

Last night I did a practice run of my testings. I visitated Lexie who is a doggie. I likes Lexie's owner who is a 5 years of old kid bean, and she visitated me before and gave me Temptashuns, but I do NOT likes Lexie!! Plus there was another kitteh there named Chauncey and I do not likes her either. At first when we gotted there I was a little nervous and I digged my claws into mom-bean's shoulder (good thing I wears claw-caps!). But then I let Lexie's bean hold me and that was nice, so I do not mind strange beans. Then, Lexie kept barking. Lexie is a small yippy doggie. So then I hissified at her!! And I hissified at Chauncey! I am a good hisser after all. But that was not a good thing so Mombean made us go outside for a while and then we tried again with the same results. Finally mombean said okay and instead Lexie and me (on mommie's shoulder) took a walk outside. We walked for a while and Lexie was on a leash and I kept watching her but did not hiss. Lexie pee'd a lot on the walk. I would NEVER pee while I am out in public! I use the TOILET! Yuck! After that we went home. I guess this visit went okay but I am worried I will not pass the test now because I couldn't help it that I hissed at Lexie! I just did not like her! Mom hopes that I will realized from the meeting that even though we seed a doggie nothing bad happened so I should not be worried. I also learned that the doggie who will be at my testing is a greyhound and he does not barks. I hope that will helps.

Yeeepppp - mom sed it is time for my B-A-T-H now. I have to be clean and nice for my testings on Sunday. Saturday will be a resting-day in preperations.

Are you wondering why there is no photos lately?? We do not have our top of laps, it got sended away for fixings. So we have to use a borrowed one and we do not knows how to connects the camera. But it will be back nekst week and we will postify photos then!


  1. Tybalt said...

    Fig, I am purring very hard that you do well on your test! I know you did much better than I would do. I get scared around doggies (who aren't my brother and sister) and strange people, so I would most certainly fail the test. You're my brave hero, Fig!  

  2. Mr. Echo said...

    Yoo did the best yoo kood! Like Tybalt sed, I dont think I kood do that neether. So I'm prowd of yoo!  

  3. Daisy said...

    Fig, I think what will be will be. You just try your best and if you make a little mistake, you can always try again when you are a little bit older. I think you will do great! Try not to worry too much about it.  

  4. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    Oh Fig, we will purr dat da greyhound is not a hissable woofie. We don't know how Zippy decides but sometimes she will let a woofie sniff her and ::shivers:: even LICK her and sometimes she hisses and swats dem. She letted da police woofie snurfle her fur a little den she backed away and now when he walks by dey nod to each other.  


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